5 Ways to Make Money with Blogging

5 Ways to Make Money with Blogging

Thus, blogging can be entertaining and profitable if done correctly. Blogging is a versatile way of making money and this post will expound on five fundamental strategies that you can use today.

These are strategies and approaches that the current blogger uses in their blogging to enhance the profit aspect that they want to achieve.Free knowledge is almost in a state of oversupply in the contemporary world.

In this day and age not being informed is a choice rather than anything else is a confirmation of the fact. Even more though, it is a decision that can cost you an arm and a leg, or more to be precise.

Allow me to spare you from that by telling you outright what you can do TODAY to increase your likelihood of making money from blogging.

Before proceeding, you’re likely already aware that there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of bloggers, most of whom are making a living from blogging, and you want to know how this is being done.

I think the best approach that you can use to monetize it is one of the simplest which I am about to demonstrate.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog

Knowing how to make money from a blog with affiliate marketing enhances your possibility of making a full income online. The best thing about it is that this does not have to be tied to a product that one owns themselves or some kind of service that one is providing. Of course, it is possible to become fortunate in affiliate marketing even for a beginner; it is more than realistic to find a job in this industry.

Just put up a couple ‘dynamic’ links on your blog and you can at least increase the probability of generating revenues through your blogging. The affiliate concept is very easy to explain, and it basically entails introducing other people’s goods and services in the market for a share of the profits.

There is sufficiently enough information that enables you to identify the right trading affiliate programs that you can advertise in your blog. Indeed, there are many other locations where you can go to and generate your own links. Two of them that you can take a look at are, ClickBank, ClickBetter. These are networks that allow the product creators to talk to other people who would like to market the products.

In return, the affiliate is paid a commission of the gross sales, every time someone makes the purchase using the affiliate links assigned. Their earnings depend on a number of factors such as the nature of the product they are endorsing. The commissions are usually percentages which can start from as low as 2% and can rise to 95% or more.

Any kind of blog can benefit from this and what is equally important perhaps is that the kind of blog does not really matter because there is an affiliate product that can be sold in almost any niche market available in the market today.

Place Ads On Your Blog Website

Place Ads On Your Blog Website

What you can do is place advertisements on your blog website and you get paid a minimal amount of money each time that a unique visitor clicks on the ad or perhaps in a fixed number of impressions. The two main variations are some ads are likely to be paid with per view while others are paid per click.

It is widely known that one of the most effective ways to place the advertisements on your website and get the profit by that is the service called Google AdSense. Their average payout is somewhere in the range of $0. 10 – $0. 30 per view.

Unlike many of the ad networks out there, with this one you don’t have any particular numbers of the unique visits per month that one has to produce in order to be approved. However, if you wish to make good money, you should already be getting a reasonable number of views to your blog.

If you are not in that capacity yet, then probably it is wise to wait until you get at least a thousand hits per month before you fill the Google AdSense application. It will also reduce the likely hood of them rejecting you or your proposal in the future.

If you are not yet in that level, you might as well wait until you can get at least a thousand visits per month before you apply for Google AdSense. However, this too will lower your chances of rejection by them if you engage in the following action.

Write Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content

Many people creating blogs prefer not to display ad spaces in their line-ups of their blog websites. Perhaps, you are here even if you are one of them, or you are interested in learning even more ways to make money blogging.

This is where sponsored content comes in to play. It allows you to target the people whose communication intentions match yours, whether it’s to promote a brand, get the word out about the product, or just share the news.

Though, if you want other people to pay you for posting sponsored content on your blog, you have to prove that your blog receives sufficient traffic every month.

The best way of doing the above is to create a landing page anywhere on the website and disclose the demographic of your traffic, monthly unique visits, size of the social media following among others.

This can put your potential sponsors in a position to have a feel of the kind of returns that they can have from paying you to write the sponsored content on their behalf.

Create Member’s Only Content

Create Member’s Only Content

That pretty much speaks for it self. If you realize that you have something that should be useful for the readers, why making it less useful for yourself? However, if you already have a standard audience of your blog, and quite a number of followers in your fan base, then this will be a move in the right direction.

Of course if you do opt for it then you need to include yourself in le campaign to provide copy that should be better than what you are sharing for free in your other blog entries.

This is not quite easy, but if one is able to pull it off, the outcome is one of the most satisfying experiences ever. You are going to establish steady income that is going to present you with revenues on a regular basis.

Another perspective is to produce your own paid subscription of a newsletter. If you find that your visitors come and they love the content you have prepared for them, then it is wise to take advantage of this and enroll them to your paid newsletter.

If they manage to derive some value from your content, then they will realize they need more of it, then you can provide it under the condition that they pay you for it. It is one of the few cases when both sides seem to get what they want, which is relatively close to the idea of a win-win situation.

Offer Paid Services in Your Blog

Offer Paid Services in Your Blog

Another way in which you can monetize your blog is by providing services that are in some way connected with the materials that you post. For instance, if the blog focuses on a topic such as weight loss, it is quite easy to get in touch with the readers and offer them to develop a plan of their choice out of interest.

This can make you a form of revenue through your blog and at the same time it will make the visitors feel appreciated. You can go even further to the extent of providing consultancy services and even charging per hour.

This will prove resource demanding especially if you use that strategy you have to ensure that you do not accept many clients because it will work against you.

If you accept money from anyone for your consulting services you will have to be ready to be committed to him or her that will require you to be ready to devote a lot of time and energy towards ensuring that you are of help to him or her in regards to whatever it is that he or she needs help with.

Why did the Blogger Become One of the First Paid Blogging Sites: What’s the Secret on Monetizing Blogging?

Blogger Become One of the First Paid Blogging Sites

Generally, people are different, and thus there cannot be a definite response to that question. This article detailed the various methods of making money with blogging, and the highlighted ones are the most efficient.

Any person who wants to successfully blog should incorporate some (all) of these strategies into his / her strategy. In other words, since you are the one who invest so much effort in creating your blog posts, it would not hurt to ensure that you can maximize its income-generating potential using the said methods of monetization.