6 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Better Understand Your Site’s Traffic

6 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Better Understand Your Site’s Traffic

I’m positive you’ve heard of Google Analytics.

It’s a unfastened web analytics tool that website proprietors can use to track and examine their site’s traffic. It was launched in November 2005 by way of Google, and is currently the maximum popular and extensively used net analytics tool available on the internet.

It’s a clever pass to apply it to form and give a boost to your advertising and marketing method – in fact, a few would say it’s important.

Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to higher understand and interact with your website’s visitors.

1. Crunch the numbers

Crunch the numbers

Using Google Analytics, you may observe the correct range of site visitors returning in your internet site as well as journeying it for the first time.

It is going with out saying that if your website online’s content is thrilling sufficient (and has been optimized for search engine optimization), site visitors can also come lower back for greater after their first visit.

You can take a look at underneath ‘Frequency and Recency’ in Google Analytics to see precisely which site visitors visited your website online again and again over a sure period. You also can determine which pages on your web site are being visited the most and consequently determine what the average vacationer prefers to take a look at for your web site.

This permits you to provide human beings extra of the content they pick and redesign other less visited content material to fit your visitors’ perceived palate.

2. Check the engagement price

Check the engagement price

Using this issue of Google Analytics, you’ll be able to understand exactly how lengthy visitors spend for your website online and what particular content is enticing them and preserving their attention.

Just maintain in mind that Google best measures engagement if a vacationer movements from one page to any other.

Looking at your engagement degrees is essential as it permits you to discover if your content material is enticing sufficient or if it’ll be necessary to dedicate your electricity in the direction of growing higher content.

3. Know your common pages in step with visit

It’s critical to have a look at how many pages your traffic click on directly to before leaving your web page. If the number is low, you could insert call-to-action buttons for your website, or embed hyperlinks to other pages inside a selected web page’s content. Alternatively, you can provide current or associated posts at the lowest of a web page to get site visitors to visit different pages.

If the range of pages your common visitor clicks to noticeably will increase, this can imply which you’ve controlled to boom the engagement fee of your site.

You also can display the amount of time visitors spend to your website and each page. Pages with site visitors lingering for longer intervals of time are glaringly doing better than pages with traffic who stay most effective seconds. Comparing successful posts to unsuccessful ones will assist you decide what the commonplace component attracting visitors is.

4. Be privy to your leap price

Be privy to your leap price

Your jump fee refers to how often a traveller lands for your website online and literally bounces lower back out with out even preventing to go searching. This can be resulting from a bunch of things, which include an unattractive homepage, a confusing lay-out, no recently up to date posts, or bad web site design. Any of these things and different factors can provide sufficient reason for a visitor no longer to linger on your web page.

To reduce your site’s jump price, you have to attempt designing your homepage to be more visually attractive or upload extra topical content material with seductive titles.

Brendan Wilde, Marketing Manager at Umbrellar suggests that “a high leap rate can also be prevented by using the usage of simplest a website hosting service that forestalls slow website loading speeds that would irritate a domain’s site visitors.”

5. Count the number of electronic mail conversions

Google Analytics lets you see how lots of your visitors have subscribed in your internet site through email. And it’s now not just about knowing how many guests subscribed with their electronic mail – you could also discover how lots of your subscribers honestly go to your website online thru e-mail hyperlinks.

Using this statistics, you’ll be capable of verify if e mail advertising is an powerful approach for your website online, and in case you should sink more attempt and sources into it.

You also can research which browsers, net provider carriers, and running systems the majority of your site visitors are the usage of to get right of entry to your internet site. You do this with the aid of clicking into the category ‘Technology Reports’. The category ‘Mobile Overview’ additionally tells you if your site visitors are the use of computer systems or cell gadgets to visit your web site.

6. Flick through vicinity and language

Flick through vicinity and language

In the ‘Geo’ segment of Google Analytics, facts concerning the location and language of your website online’s traffic is with ease furnished.

This class is particularly beneficial if your web page’s content material was developed with the intention of concentrated on humans in a specific place or country. If your target method has been a success, Google Analytics will let you know.

In the example in which you are not focused on any particular vicinity with your content however Google Analytics’ statistics is indicating that your web site is getting more visitors from unique regions, an possibility arises if you want to use this statistics for your benefit. For example, if your web page is getting more site visitors from Russia, you can truely start placing bits of Russian information or research in among your content to make it more attractive to a set of traffic who already recognize your paintings.

The ‘Language and Location’ category of Google Analytics both use standard charts to display behavior of your site visitors and your website’s conversion fee. The ‘Location’ element uses a map to show the vicinity of your visitors. This facts is beneficial for focused on social and search ads toward areas you are already popular in or closer to areas you’d like to come to be greater famous in. Either way, the map will let you know of your fulfillment or failure.


There are many tremendous ways wherein Google Analytics allow you to provide higher content material and greater value in your target market, and increase the all-round overall performance of your internet site.

Obviously, this list isn’t always exhaustive, however hopefully it’s an amazing place on the way to get began!

Let me realize inside the remarks section the way you choose to gain from Google Analytics.