How to Use AI to Make Music for Business and Content in 2024: The Complete Guide

How to Use AI to Make Music for Business and Content in 2024: The Complete Guide

It’s time to rock with your killer video ad, Instagram post, or podcast show. There is one small issue, though: the music. It can be hard to find the right royalty-free music that fits your brand’s style and doesn’t break the bank. I can attest that, having created material, I have been there!

Good things? You can employ pre-written commercials without running the danger of copyright lawsuits. The game is about to be changed by AI producers.

Can an AI, however, compose a successful song or a movie soundtrack?Is it possible to make music without taking up an instrument?

As it happens, that is true!

Willing to become a master? Here is the complete AI music producing handbook.

We will delve at the fascinating potential of AI-made music, find the best tools, and teach you how to write songs that convey your message.

Could an artificial intelligence music generator really write songs from scratch and how does it work?

An algorithm driven artificial intelligence music generator creates new music. AI produces music by looking at the state of the art right now and creating new pieces based on its findings.

They can write unique music that satisfies your wants with a few of your ideas.

Can they, however, truly create music from nothing?

Not so easy an answer. Music producers using AI go beyond simple songwriting. Rather, they expand upon the body of knowledge already existing on music.The platform has been trained using data and algorithms, which establish the quality of the output.

With certain AI music producers, you may completely customize the outcome; you can change the genre, mood, instruments, and speed.

Why use artificial intelligence in the music production for your website or other content?

Because artificial intelligence (AI) music generators produce music that sounds humanly made, they can improve your daily business operations, marketing plans, and content. But music created with AI has several significant benefits:

Cheap and free soundtracks

AI music producers are free and inexpensive, to start. If you’re just starting out, traditional music licencing costs a lot of money. AI music generators are a cheap option that can often provide royalty-free music or music with open usage terms. This means that your business won’t have to pay any licence fees going forward. You also don’t have to think about theft claims!

Workflow that saves time and works well

It can take a lot of time to look for pre-existing music songs that meet your needs. AI music makers let you make your own music in minutes, which speeds up your work and lets you focus on other parts of your business or making content.

Making changes to fit your brand

Bad background music is a thing of the past!You may modify the tone, instruments, and mood of the music with AI music producers to make it exactly represent your brand. You can thus provide a regular and unforgettable experience for your audience. If you modify it, you can be confident that the music for your brand won’t be the same as the music in some hotel lifts.

Scalability for many projects

It’s important to keep adding new audio as your business and material grow. You can grow your business and your music production at the same time with AI music producers. This is where AI really shines.The musical style of all of your content can be ensured by AI music producers. This guarantees you always have the appropriate music for any size work. It maintains the voice of your brand constant as well.

Using AI to make song generators better for your business

Background music that isn’t specific to your business or material doesn’t help people remember it. To stand out in a crowded market, you need to use sound in a smart way. This is where AI-powered music can change the strategy for your brand.

AI music to boost brand recognition

Just think of some of the most well-known names. It’s likely that you can quickly hum the tune of one of their commercials. An audio identity that stays the same is more than just a catchy sound; it can help people remember your brand. Hey, you never know when the jingle for your brand will become someone’s last song.

AI music makers can help make these sound signatures by making it easy to make different versions of a theme to try out different options. To make your audio identity stand out and fit the “feel” of your brand, they can also add unique brand elements.

Making your listeners do what you want by using AI music

People who watch, listen to, or buy your material are greatly affected by the music you use.Using AI music can enhance the following aspects of your work:

  • Easy-going: Music that is slow and soft makes people feel calm. This can work well for yoga videos, websites about health and wellness, and ads about health and wellness.
  • People get excited: when they hear fast, happy, and lively music. Great for shops, interesting ads, and landing pages that want to get people interested in a product.
  • Urgency: Music that is fast and a little jarring makes people feel like they need to move quickly. Best for sales or deals that only last a short time.
  • Nostalgia: Music from the past can bring back good memories. Great for material that celebrates anniversaries or looks back at achievements or trends from the past.
  • Trust and Authority: Ambient, simple music with slight rhythmic patterns can make something seem more sophisticated and expert. Perfect for brands that want to show those traits.
Using AI music to influence your audience’s behavior

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Just a quick note, though: music is great, but it’s not the only thing that makes you feel good! What your audience sees, hears, and how it’s presented all work together with the music to shape their experience.

Adding songs made by AI to different channels

Being consistent is important for building a strong brand personality. Using AI music can help your marketing work better across all of your platforms. AI music producers can easily change the main musical themes to fit different types of media, from short videos for social media to long website backgrounds.

AI music in creative ways

It has already been said that music can really make your content more interesting and has a big impact on how people experience it.Using such capability is now made easier than ever by AI music producers.The following are some early application of well-known platforms:

  • YouTube Videos: AI music lets you change the mood and energy of your videos without worrying about copyright issues. It can be used as background music for vlogs or as movie scores for short films. Add AI technologies for making videos to these for a more streamlined process.
  • Social Media: Short, catchy songs made by AI can improve Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and other social media material, making it more interesting and easy to remember. If there’s a good song in the post, no one will skip it.
  • Podcasts: To help people recognise your show, use the same AI-generated opening and outro theme every time. Try out different types of background music to change how your shows make you feel. Putting this together with an AI voice creator makes making podcasts very easy.
  • Catchy, dynamic music or jingles can help your commercials stand out and be easier to recall.
  • Putting some calming music in the background of your website could help to create a relaxing mood. You can change the speed and tone of each piece individually to make the music on your website as dramatic as possible.

How to make the most of your AI drum machine

To get the most out of AI music makers, you need to know what your content needs and how to use the generator’s features in the best way. Let’s get into the specifics:

1.Find out what sound you require.

To start, jot down any key questions you have regarding the position.

Does the music have to play during the entire podcast, movie, or other media?

You want to create what kind of atmosphere? Dramatic and tense, joyful and energizing, or something else entirely?

The one you want to talk with should come last. Which musical genres do they usually enjoy and respond to?

Knowing the answers to these questions will lead to better utilization of the generator.

2. Try arranging again.

Most people can identify the musical works of artificial intelligence by their chaotic tone. Play about with these bare necessities:

  • Listen to many types of music until you discover a style that complements your work.It is possible to provide the impression of a more modern and innovative product by showcasing it in a video set to computer music.
  • Changing the tempo allows you to alter the loudness of the song. Music has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions, from joy to calm, all depending on the tempo.
  • Use the Instrumentarium to ensure that your virtual instruments complement the mood and subject of your music. Is a soothing string instrument something you’d want to hear while reading health articles? Would a more upbeat drum track enhance your product explainer video? Take the instruments very seriously.
  • Establishing the “ambiance”: To create the perfect atmosphere, just input words like “energetic,” “suspenseful,” or “happy” into one of many AI music generators.You can achieve the desired emotional reaction this way.

3. Make your music better.

Once you have a good base, you may work on your music. You may find a lot of AI music creators that offer basic editing features. You may trim the length of the track, change the volume, and apply delicate fades in and out.

You could want to export your music and use audio editing software for more complex changes, such mixing several AI-generated tracks, adding sound effects, or modifying the equaliser.

Choosing the Top AI Music Maker

AI song generators are not an exception to the fast expanding field of artificial intelligence.Selecting just one of the many AI music producers out there can be difficult.Remember the following while selecting the ideal AI music producer for your requirements:

  • Customization: Consider your desired degree of music control.Simple AI music makers let you choose the genre and change the atmosphere (happy, sad, energetic, etc.). For more difficult jobs, seek for tools that allow you to modify:

(a)The instruments: Change the amount and types of instruments being used.

(b) Speed: Change the speed of the music to make people feel rushed or calm.
(c) Structure: Change the way the music builds up, drops, and moves between sections.

  • Find out if you need individual audio tracks: for example, you might not want the bass, melody, and percussion all mixed together. This gives you a lot of options when it comes to adding the music to presentations or films. Some artificial intelligence music generators can accomplish this, while others produce completely distorted tracks.
  • How much you pay: determines which features AI music generators provide. Find a happy medium between cost and convenience.
  • Usefulness: You can’t use even the most powerful AI music generator if you can’t figure out how to use its interface. Put systems with easy navigation, helpful tutorials, and quick support at the top of your list.

Feel free to utilize multiple AIs when creating music! You may test out many platforms with free demos or restricted free versions before you buy them.

The seven AI song authors who will be most well-known by 2024

A range of tools can be used to create music generated by AI.These are some of the most often used instruments, not in any particular sequence:

AIVA stands for “Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist.”

AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)

Visit Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist for more information.

Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, or AIVA, is an AI music producer that is revolutionising the industry. That is its statement. I was resolved to try it myself.

AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)

Once you have your option, you can modify the outputs even further to create the ideal track.

Crucially important:

  • Many presets and pre-made music formats
  • Perfectly functional free edition with certain restrictions
  • The choice to alter currently playing music and soundtracks


  • AIVA own the copyright to the music you create using the free plan, hence you must credit them. You have to sign up for Pro-Plan if you want to own the rights to the song.

Who would it be good for?

If you’re new to music, the app might be too hard for you. You need to know the basics of music theory in order to do well.



Soundraw lets you make custom music that goes well with your artistic work and makes it better.

After making a free account, all you have to do is choose the style or mood of music you want to make, as well as the track’s length and pace. After that, Soundraw will show you 15 tracks from which to pick.

Having a free account doesn’t give you much power when it comes to changing the songs. It looks like the only thing you can do is speed up or slow down certain parts of the song.


With a pro account, you can change things more easily.

Important Things

  • Makes music of different styles and feelings.
  • Lets you set things like the mood and the speed.
  • It pretends to be different instruments and groups.

Who would it be good for?

People who make things but don’t need a lot of customisation choices will really like this tool.



Innovative AI music generator. Soundful was established to meet the demands of musicians, producers, advertising, and others. Soundful enables producers to generate new tracks with a single click, assisting them in breaking through creative blocks. One can create a faultless track and then download high-resolution files and sources for further modification.

The results were great and Soundful was really easy to use! Numerous song themes are available once you register for a free account.


Once you select a template, you can customize the key signature (BPM) to create the song uniquely your own. You may download your track as a free MP3 if you’re satisfied with it.

You can buy the STEM file individually if you want it. It will cost you an extra $50 if you want the full title.

Important Things

  • Pick one of the ready-made song templates
  • Change things like the speed and key signature
  • You can get MP3 versions of your songs for free.

For who would it be useful?

Good use of this technology is possible for individuals, companies, and producers.



Boomy is an AI-driven music producer that wants to enable musicians everywhere and simplify music for everyone. Boomy enables anyone, with or without musical background, to quickly produce innovative music.

Still, how great is it really? Options are both free and paid, and creating an account was simple. The next step is to select a genre; yet, lo-fi, rap, and meditation music tend to be the most popular here. The lack of dance or rock options was disappointing.


I was horrified to view the track after adjusting the settings; it was awful! The Boomy track editing function improved the finished result to some extent, but I believe that utilizing this tool effectively calls for a basic understanding of music theory.

Critical Components

  • There are many of free accounts accessible, and further features can be bought for money.
  • Music of many genres are available to you.
  • The ability to add own words to the music would be most beneficial to whom?

Who would it work best for?

Designed for musicians with a solid foundation in music theory.

A refreshing alternative to scouring generic music libraries, is perfect for content producers who are weary of it. You can create your own background music with the help of artists and musicians who collaborate with the developers of this AI music software. addresses some of the most important concerns around content development. A royalty-free music license addresses copyright takedown concerns.

I was particularly intrigued by the flexibility to change the genre, speed, and even specific instruments to match the tone of your material.

The layout is also quite user-friendly, so even those without a background in music theory should have no trouble using it. Although it would be ideal to have a bit more realistic instrument sounds and additional genres, is an incredibly effective AI music tool that anyone can learn to use.

Crucial Elements

  • To guarantee a specific level of quality in their tracks, collaborates with talented artists.
  • Much of the control over the song’s tone, style, and instrumentation is in your hands.
  • Your musical creations are at your disposal for whatever purpose you see fit.
  • Simple enough even for people with no prior musical training.

And to whom would it be most beneficial?

Content authors with musical backgrounds should go with this choice if they want complete control over the soundtrack. It will also be useful to those who like to see actual musicians and artists engaged in the AI production process.

Muller AI

Mubert AI

Finding suitable soundtracks for your videos has never been easier than with Mubert AI. To create customizable, free-to-use music, it merges AI technology with the efforts of actual musicians.

Mubert AI has great potential. Changing the tone of your soundtrack is a huge plus, and it’s great that there’s an emphasis on creative music.

Mubert AI

Important components of Mubert AI

  • Mubert AI wants his music to sound composed and expert.
  • The music-making features of Mubert can be included into your own programs.
  • The music-making capabilities of Mubert can be included directly into programs and applications.

Who would it most help?

Those working in content creation or app development and in need of software integration possibilities and music that effortlessly complements their work should go with this option.



When you use Loudly, making music without paying royalties is simple and enjoyable.It includes AI-generated music, well chosen music libraries, and tools for remixing already-written songs.


Video producers looking for a mix of original music and customisable pre-made songs would find Loudly to be a good choice. Giving it a personal touch is easy with remixing. Another major perk is that it works great on mobile devices, which is great for folks who write on the go. I didn’t anticipate studio-quality results, but I was pleasantly surprised by how wonderful the music was. If you frequently need short background tracks, you should check out Loudly because it’s really easy to use.


Crucial but audible components

  • Reimagine pre-existing musical compositions by incorporating your unique style.
  • Find inspirational songs with the help of the large library and AI suggestions.
  • Both iOS and Android versions of the apps let you to create music wherever you are.

Who would it most help?

Such music is usually used by producers of brief, easily modifiable videos for social media, TikTok, and YouTube.

Concluding it

It can be concluded that AI-driven music generators are completely changing the way that musical and aural works are produced. Their strong combination of price, flexibility, and speed makes traditional ways of getting music just unbeatable.

AI music generators let you quickly produce background music that improves the viewing experience, a soundtrack for your product videos that highlights the individuality of your business, or an audio introduction that establishes the tone.

Many businesses and video makers have never had access to so many more audio possibilities until these technologies came around. You should investigate artificial intelligence song generation right now if you haven’t previously.

Have fun without sacrificing control or spending a fortune creating your own unique, on-brand music. Let the music start; this has a lot of potential!


Could anyone suggest a decent music-composing AI?

An AI music synthesiser is a device that produces music by artificial intelligence. There are several of them; selecting the best one could come down to personal taste. They are really good at many things.

Music composition by which free AI is the best?

You may utilize many free AI song makers. Even although some might not have all the bells and whistles, you can still make music with their free versions.

With AI music composition from text, which script is better?

A few artificial intelligences are able to translate words into music. What kind of music and level of simplicity you want will help you narrow down your options.

Can a computer program music?

A couple of artificial intelligence algorithms can produce some truly nasty beats. They are useful for generating musical components including atmosphere and rhythm.

Which AI can produce sound, one wonders?

Not many artificial intelligence algorithms are able to generate audible sounds, such music. A lot of mathematics and pattern recognition is involved in precisely replicating the pitch, volume, and quality of real music.

Can artificial intelligence systems compose music?

Similar to a computer artist would be an AI composer. One needs some computer understanding to create simple melodies, complex rhythms, and even entire songs. same to having an online sound engineer available.

How might I compose music with AI?

Artificial intelligence music producers allow you to specify the style of music you would like them to create. They then use those impulses to create music.

Is there copyright protection for AI-created music?

Copyrighting AI-created music is doable, albeit challenging.The AI owner also usually owns the copyright. Still, agreements and rules can change this.

How might a computer program write music?

Musicians who use artificial intelligence research a lot of already-written music. It picks up patterns and styles to make fresh music that sounds like the old stuff.

Does the hit-making business get shaken by AI-generated music?

It makes an effect, for sure! AI has a lot of promise to help musicians a lot by recommending new song ideas and maybe even possible hits. Consider yourself with a creative assistant at your side.

A musically inclined AI is pointless.

A blessing to people in the music, video, business, and film industries who are constantly trying to improve is artificial intelligence music generators. They can spawn new songs in addition to saving you time.

Could you propose a spoken word to music artificial intelligence (AI)?

Textual music can be produced by AI technology. If you want your text to sound like music, try a few until you discover the one that suits you the best.