How a Side Hustle Can Lead to a Life of Adventure

How a Side Hustle Can Lead to a Life of Adventure

Exploration of imagination is a wonderful thing to do It is part of being human. It leads to creation (… or just a thought bubble that was brought to screen by a simple click, deflated by procrastination). You should not assume that every idea that comes to your mind is supposed to be carried out.

But that is a feeling we get when we are called for something and that call may be something we should go for and create.

Still, we deny it and still do hold on to the dream of living forever when we are actually given just one life. Well then, what is it you plan to do with your life? As has been rightly said, life is not a dress rehearsal.

It is a bit of light between two pieces of blackness. In my opinion on literature it means everything, it is being born and dying. It is what you do in that gap between those two unknowns that makes it interesting or not, memorable or forgettable, normal or boring.

I was invited to speak in the unknown country of Estonia and that idea started forming in my head. This has been in the offing for a long time, but it had never come to the fulfilment stage.

My air tickets were already arranged by my client. While at this, I was to organize myself counterpart to help me in this dirty work.

So decide on the strategy and we selected the countries we were interested in visiting. It was decided. It is necessary to mention that we would work and travel for three months during which we would discover some parts of Europe.

That is why this Dream began right when I launched my second business, my digital side hustle, in 2009. Then I thought of the fact that I could build a business that could allow me to travel the world and at the same time, earn enough money to support my lifestyle.

Do you fancy going on a digital nomad live in a different country?

Here are some of the certain requirements that you should have before planning a vacation or going on a business trip.

  • You require Internet connection that you can trust and one that will not slow to a snail pace making you pull your hair out.
  • Basically, you require a laptop that has a default or integrated camera.
  • You require a location to do your job at. An airbnb will be adequate I suppose.
  • Electricity. Whenever batteries are in use they require to be charges from time to time.
  • More information about the suitable international adaptors for connecting to the internet and the power
  • A sustainable routine. This pig will not fly; just partying is not going to work.
  • Some discipline
  • A dose of patience

The optional extras

This means that the digital nomad status is a departure from the conventional working environment but still maintains a rigid working schedule that can be managed continuously. Organising as to how you wish to work requires a bit of creativity.

These below are some of the optional requirements that I have come up with.

  • If you are going to a heat-wreaked area, I suggest that you capture outside on a terrace.
  • Choose a point that has a view to motivate you.
  • A nearby village you can easily walk to (do not need to drive a car to get there)

What can tempt you to immerse yourself in the digital nomad concept?

A friend of mine and his/her partner intended to travel and take time elsewhere in the world. But unexpectedly on one of them sadly died, the trip was canceled. Death is a reality and at any one time tragedy can befall anyone hence the importance of living for today. Rebooting life cannot be done when suddenly life stops and a new one has to be created.

  • Time is precious therefore it is good to live to the full hence the saying “Carpe Diem” (Seize the day).
  • You have memories that I would gladly bottle into.
  • Flights make people more conscious of their humanness and enlightens one’s concepts.

Here are the valuable lessons I’ve acquired being a digital nomad.

This was going to be an adventure and therefore, many things were bound to happen being an experiment. Thus I entered the digital nomad test lab eyes wide open. As a student, I expected there of course to be some outcomes and experiences that I would not like. One should not be too set in his or her ways in this line of work.

  • Prepare to learn and be entertained; sometimes it makes u cry + stamp the feet. Prepare for the feeling of anger and the urge to get annoyed. At times, it was a process that took a great deal of time to be exercised when filling up a car in Italy.
  • And moving all the time is so stress full, that will only add pressure . Admittedly, being in a new country learning the language and signages are not in your language means you will quite often take a wrong turn. This now became evident when one Freeway mishap would translate to an additional hour’s detour. This will mean that, at some points, you will have to stand and take it, and probably look utterly disgusted to do so.
  • This means that in every new office which will be opened to accommodate the digital nomads the Dream will not be met. One day we reached a small street with an apartment house with the view on Lake Como.
  • Looks rather picturesque, but in fact, it was next to the highway; sometimes we felt as if we were living in a tent on Freeway. The Italians adore noisy motor bikes. However, the vistas which this land offered were simply unbeatable, as were the storms and the lightens over the lake.
  • One of the things that I really enjoy in life is having a good conversation with friends perhaps over a meal or at the table corner of a very popular restaurant. If you are in a foreign Kingdom where your language does not dominate, you begin to miss the chitchat of people that put a smile on your face and tickle your funny bone.
  • Former athletes have realized that it is almost impossible to maintain a routine of exercise when one is a high-speed moving nomad! Unless you’re a runner. As for the biking I did manage some of it, but it was like stopping and starting, and resumed only after much persuasion.

Becoming a digital nomad: Here are some tips that I think are the best

In retrospect, it has to be said that the use of the digital nomad lifestyle was one of the most positive things ever undertaken. I realized beaches that gave me the breathtaking look at the hills and trees by the water bodies which gave me the name lakes.

These two spots could perfectly be described as diamonds within a jewel case. In the Dolomites I was looking for roads where every turn was a postcard. I walked og mountains and trails that called at me to return, immerse in and desire to relive so I can, actively process through, Experiences that make Mine leap.

Trekking through the 3 Peaks in the Dolomites and taking a break and have an Aperol Spritz at one of the Refugio hotels made you want to do just that: stay. There are trains that pass through tracts of paradise and halt at stations that are on the border of the divine world and the earth.

The Bernina Express was a revelation which included an open-air observation car, which you didn’t want to get out of in case you missed even one view.

My best tips:

  1. Choose a city from which you can base yourself and begin to enjoy a place and the regions it consists without daily packing and shifting.
  2. Select an area that should not be too remote so that the international airport is not too distant. A one hour flight is always another universe and it helps make coming back to your base that much easier.
  3. It is even better to choose a corner of the planet where several people you know are if it’s possible. It will offer the networks as well as the conversations that are already kick-started and waiting to be utilized.
  4. If done, it can be summed up as: keep it simple and travel light.
  5. If you fancy do so hire a car but let me warn you in Europe especially in most cities there is no place to park.

Have I produced results?

    Yes. I worked most mornings.

    All in all, was it the perfect working holiday?


    But those were three months that I do not wish to forget for the rest of my life. I guess, I have the pictures on my iPhone and the memories to remind me of all this every life.