How do The Popular Brands Get Experiential Marketing Right?

How do The Popular Brands Get Experiential Marketing Right?

It also wanted to underline that event marketing has once again risen to the rank of priority No. 1 on the list of every CMO. The causes are basic: the traditional television commercials do not work anymore, the public is bored with the mass, addressed and sent emails and the social network paid-ads. The public wants something that has a side of relatability.

Why not? Nowadays, even their TV series and movie browsing experience is customized. It is a platform where individuals can get straight back to watching movies from wherever they were and depending on the kind of movies the users have been watching on Netflix, then they can be recommended some.

To sum this up, the 21st century technology is really spoiling us with the options of personalization.

Experiential Marketing

That is why I believe that such currently topical campaigns as experiential marketing can fulfill. Event marketing has indeed become the anthem of the current marketing and advertising arena through the following ways –

  • Specifically, these brand sponsored events are more satisfying to the brands and customers.
  • They open up data coffers for all sorts of companies, old and new.
  • You are privileged to witness the expected delivery of your firm by your consumers.

Is your organisation up to scratch when it comes to experiential marketing?

There are a number of mistakes that companies make when they attempt to produce ostentatious events. They spend their resources on how to spice it up…they forget the part of popularizing and networking. There are times when impressive events are not the best way out of a situation. Your brand requires presence to have effective event, or else it will only serve the purpose of a visibility booster. Below are some indicators that your brand is doing event marketing right –

This means that you do not produce as much as you can, but aim to do as well as you can.

In event promotion, you must use social networks and mass media before the event takes place. Now, anyone might be tempted to believe that if 300 ‘likes’ appeared on the ‘Interested’ list on Facebook, the event will be successful. But that does not have to be so. Among the 300, who are those who are interested and would be willing to part with their cash to buy your products? Of these how many are existing customers? What is the potential percentage new visitors that could convert into paying customers? Previously, marketing executives would instruct you to pass filled up survey forms and feedback forms.

Currently the word going round many households and car owners’ lips is that everyone is too busy to fill them up. At times it is even possible to chase away the few clientele who are able to pay by persuading them. While using the social media to advertise your upcoming game, festival or carnival you have to ensure that there is a form of filtering. Learn that locations your target market frequent and go ahead to engage them. As for the generic, hey there, good morning, night, lovely day, what’s up, happy weekend, did it make your day to get that message? It’s going to make the day of those who created the chore of sending it richer with scoffs and annoyance.

Make sure to introduce an RSVP option so you can always have an idea of the turnout. The experiential marketing campaign should be able to tell you, roughly, how many of your paying customers went there, as opposed to how many showed up for the interaction.

You value feedback

This is why after every event, you should encourage your customers to feedback. It can be as simple and obvious as that sometimes, at other times a little more subtle. As for the other periods, it helps to turn to social networks to gather them. You should always encourage your customers to post from the premises of the event with branded hashtags. It also helps to disperse your presence so that you have a means to track the mentions across social media platforms.

Make sure that your brand name, product name, business location, and event location are to be filled in for SEO considerations. For instance a store referred to as ‘Soul Store’ selling tattoo items in Los Angeles and promoting a tattoo carnival could employ several of the hashtags such as #soulstore #LA #tattoocarnival #tattooLA. You have to make a wildfire effect on the social media regarding the reviews and feedbacks. Bear in mind that you have created an expectation of exclusivity to your followers and that is what they should be getting!

You are procuring another set of technology for tracking.

That is why it is critical to utilize more than conventional advertising instruments in order to assess the effectiveness of PPM. Live events have turned to the lifeline of quite a number of the trending brands. Los Angeles is fortunate to have gorgeous weather all year round and it is a perfect place for getting some physicality to your brand image.

Every favorite brand like Google and Volkswagen among many other brands have also adopted the use of live events as their way of marketing brand messages. The power of new devices, mainly new tech, is now permitting the brands to monitor the guests’ reaction in real-time; a factor that was inconceivable some years back.

For instance – There exists gadgets developed under facial recognition technology for instance that may be used to track the mood changes of a participant or a guest in real-time. Sometimes, you may want to include in your event, a ‘back to nature’ themed such as tree planting and park cleaning, yet you’d not want to ignore the technological aspects of recording the event and the metrics that come with it.

I bet it is hard to believe that technology has really come a long way in this generation. Not only does these devices provide a cornucopia of current data to the companies, these companies are also able to revisit and fix errors that might have been made which toned down the feedback. It is thus possible for them to refine their experiential marketing strategy through using the modern technology available while at the same time avoiding any risk.

One may therefore ask, why is social media promotion of a live event not as easy?

Thus, live streaming of events has become the key that opens several doors for those, who are involved in creating and promoting social media businesses and profiles. It is paradoxical that the trending brands have no justification for not leveraging on the opportunities of viral online marketing while developing the strategies of an experiential campaign. You would want an expert who as to assist you in the coordination of the live events and you will also need a team composed of social media specialists who can guide you on the posts and tracking. To sum it all up, for now, you may have to opt for outsourcing your media and publishing requirements but do not worry root 3 productions, an experiential marketing agency in Los Angeles will be happy to guide you.

What is the key to an effective campaigning strategy using the social media archetypes?

Influencers are one of the primary assets that people can use to make any event marketing campaign go viral in social media and the physical world. It must be understood that people must hear about your sponsored events from someone they know and like. It should not be a celebrity since they do not usually connect with them.

It should be a social media influencer since people typically feel closer to influencers than they do with the glitterati. Ask at least one social media influencer to promote your event on social media. That will preserve the exclusive feel of the experience and at the same time; your target group will get to know about the event at the right time.