How to Add SMS Text Messaging Service to WordPress Website

How to Add SMS Text Messaging Service to WordPress Website

One can send text messages to anyone who visits the website, the website being created using WordPress. It is beneficial to the users of websites in that it provides them with a channel through which they can directly relay messages to their visitors. They are able to convey short message services, that can instantly convey messages to their visitors’ mobile phones. This makes it easy for the website and the customer, or users as the case maybe, to disseminate updates, alerts and or such like information.

WordPress Text Messaging Plugin

Plugins are the applications that can be employed to introduce a new feature to a WordPress site. We all know that WordPress is the best and widely used website builder and content management system for the websites. This often provides more features to the website when one adds a plugin. There are text messaging plugins that you can easily integrate so that they enable message sending. There are so many plugins that exist in the internet and you can search for more to add on your website to fulfill the message transfer by short message services(SMS).

WordPress Text Message

If you insert a plugin to send WordPress text messages, then a widget is added to your website. This would make the visitors of your website to providing their mobile number in order to receive text messages. Apart from that, any individual who would wish to receive notifications and alerts would subscribe the same. There is another feature that is the admin control panel, by using this feature you are able to add user mobile nos to the database.

Forms can even be used to capture information from visitors, some of which would be their phone number. When you have this plugin in your hands, it becomes very simple, and sometimes enjoyable to send text messages to the recipients. They can be used to give out notifications to your visitors, about the new release of updates to your website and new features etc. , if you are offering services to clients then you can conveniently pass out service updates.

If you are creating, for instance, an e-commerce website on WordPress, then communicating with the customers is very easy. : You can recollect them of any order they have or products in their cart that are yet to be processed if you want to earn business from them.

Once the customer places an order, one can include the Order status, product delivery status, payment status etc Through this, one can also be in a position to collect feedbacks by sending links in the form of text messages.

Unfortunately, you can also perform the marketing activities with plugins as well. An automated marketing tool that would enable you to send the SMS text message for promoting your campaigns would also be included. There are also bins which are in the plugin that can be used to bring about an analytical result of the data. This will be useful to know how effective your marketing has been so that you can be able to work on the areas that make people purchase your products. It will be seen that message plugins are highly beneficial for the WordPress Website admins.

Live Support Chat System

Live Support Chat System

Any website that has a lot of page views particularly website that offer service to their customers would preferably choose to have a live chat to their viewers/customers. It has interactivity; with the use of live chat a customer can get a response to his questions or issues in the shortest time possible. Most of the customers are online and mainly use their mobile phones for browsing and accessing the internet; therefore, communicating with customers is quite a simple affair in the event that live chat facility is installed. This system can be installed for your WordPress site and enables you to include a live chat facility of your website.

The elements that are part of the live support chat environment

  • This facility can be installed with ease and in quite a simple manner.
  • The users can even simultaneously run as many chats as they want. This allows for the website owner/personnel to engage in a conversation with potentially hundreds or even thousands of customers at once. It easy to manage the conversation on the chat.
  • Each time there are new chat messages, it creates an alert. This helps to avoid missing the time when you are supposed to reply to messages.
  • In case a customer decides to chat at a time when there is no support staff, it considerately offers a contact form the user can fill and through which your staff can reach the customer later.

Messaging system

It is noteworthy that a messaging system can be integrated and contributed to your WordPress site. It would include many unique features like:It would include many unique features like:

  • An address book facility would be available.
  • It comes with a text editor to enable users to write their short messages or messages that may contain a few attachments.
  • This way ‘‘Messages can be saved as draft so that you can send it later. ’’
  • Answering the messages and retransmitting them can be simple.
  • This messaging system is actually very convenient and one can freely send messages to as many people as one would wish to.

User Messenger

A user messenger is a very productive idea that can be added into the WordPress website. This enables you to add a feature for enabling the users to communicate with each other using a complete messenger software. You would have the facility to add more users and you would be for controlling the settings. This facility is so easy and convenient to use and the extra attraction for people make them visit your website.

Consists of sending a Text Message from your Internet connected device.

One way which also involve the use of internet is to directly send Short Messaging Service – SMS text messages to somebody. Your can also add an app for it on to your website It’s also important to note that with the advancement in technology, you can develop an application of the same and add on to your website. You type a message with a number and the message is sent to the recipient of the call or text. It is among the easy methods of conveying information.

Virtual Text Messenger

With the help of website more than messages can be sent because messages do not always refer only to a website. Yes, you can broadcast it using a desktop application. This is the Virtual Text Messenger. This is a very useful software that you can download to dispatch messages to mobile phones at the click of a button. Not only can individual messages sometimes be useful, even bulk messages can prove useful. This makes it very handy especially to the marketing professionals. They can use the virtual text messenger for promotional campaigns to communicate to multiple clients/leads at any given time.

Sends SMS Messages through other websites.

In addition to the in-built plugins there are many other networks through which people can send SMS text messages. Majority of these websites enable the sending of text messages for free. However, these free sites have no all the functions of paid sites for online dating. Of course there are certain conditions and some of them can require you to provide your details if you are going to use the site.

Once you set up a ;WordPress site, you can add telephone SMS text message usages, real-time chat and other features. In its simplest sense, message broadcasts can enhance the possibility of sending a message straight to your users and customers to their hand phones.