How to Develop a Website through WordPress to Attract More Visitors?

How to Develop a Website through WordPress to Attract More Visitors?

If one was to listen to WordPress as a tool in the development of a website then no one would dispute the great advantages. The good news is, when employing a WordPress website, there is a multitude in store. Possibly, you have a good running business and for the expansion, you are planning to take it online.

In this case, the best way to use the website to attract the customer to your business is by heavily depending on a WordPress site. However, there are certain affairs that are involved do this and they are quite specific in their execution. What are they?

Well, in this article we explain how you build a WordPress site and manage it in a way that increases traffic.

Factors that enhance the appearance of your WordPress website to the users

Directing First Effort Toward Making the Web-site Appeal to the Visually Hyped

Creative designs do tempt us most of the time. From many users when asked why they mistrusted a website 94% of them attributed it to ill designed websites. Hence criteria to be taken into consideration while designing the website are,

  • Have a simple layout

Staying organized and keeping your work area clean without protruding pieces that can encourage ants to crawl around and get in contact with the ants’ nest. Due to this it is easier to load, to navigate and moreover for the viability on various platforms and devices.

  • Have an easy-to-follow navigation

It will be beneficial if making the movement of the visitors within your website is simple. Have your navigation menus: design them less complex. In addition, it is vital that your menus should be aesthetically dull so that your readers feel at ease.

Include specific suggestions as to what actions the audience should take.
In the case of the buttons, your ultimate aim would be to want the visitors to click the buttons. So, as they’re some of the most absorbing elements of a website for a visitor who is browsing it, design your buttons in a way that makes them ‘pop’. On the other hand, buttons should contain short and direct texts and describing them as call to action buttons is appropriate.

  • Focus on Less Content

People like things short and to the point. Not the dragging and aimlessly directed narrative. Thus, provide reasonable guidance on the subject of the remaining options and concentrate on utilizing your information about the visitors principally for this purpose.

In the main, focus on items concerning products and ads. Avoid needless bragging.

  • Provide enough of whitespace

Ensure that, while designing your website, you avoid giving a lot of empty space deliberately. They necessarily need not be white but let that space contain no pictures or writing. This enhances the degree of the material’s accessibility for the readers.

Whitespace instructs your customers where to look because your products stand out from the surplus and all the chaos you make your customers sift through when they look at your layout.

  • Incorporate eye-catching colours

First of all, define the general color for your entire website. Then select the color of buttons, different from the accent color, and special interface objects color.

  • Have easy-to-read fonts

Use easily readable, nicely balanced and rather provocative fonts for your web site’s text. Some of the famous fonts are Brandon Grotesque, Museo Sans, Railway and Playfair Display.

  • Having engaging videos and rich images

Categorically, content with visuals shall have 100 percent increase in the unique users. Therefore always use scalable images (SVGs) this way you’ll be in a good position of having high-quality user experience.

Works of active components and attractive user interface of a WordPress website

components and attractive user interface of a WordPress website
  • Set a pretty theme for your WordPress site

The design you settle for should complement the content you will post on your site. If not select the “premium theme”. Avoid the use of themes that are two years old more so when they are still relevant.

  • Optimized on a WordPress website, the database is the most crucial one.

The customers that you receive are likely to navigate away from the page if the latter takes a long time to load. To avoid this, it is recommended to go to a blank appearance that does not saturate your WordPress site with excess photos and videos.

It would be advisable to attempt at using W3 Total Cache plugin which will surely has a positive impact on the download speed. Moreover, to know more details about Free Site Speed test services like – YSlow or Google Page Speed, you can ask for further advice.

  • Marketing Strategies and Increase Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Your WordPress website should on top the SERPs and make the visitors to see your website. For this to happen, SEO of your site should be raised to another level. Below are some of the SEO factors that can be used in a bid to make your site more frequented;

  • Increase your site speed
  • One more thing, it is necessary the that site should be mobile friendly
  • Optimize your images
  • Write meta tags
  • Your site pages, title/headings, and blog posts should also contain keywords.
  • In this case, it is important to incorporate internal links to pass information to Google.

All of the above can be easily activated with the WordPress plugin called Yoast SEO.

  • Engage in generation of useful and attractive content

Through blogging, substantial traffic to your WordPress site can be produced because it’s done frequently.

You can direct the creation of your blog to writing how-to’s, guides, interviews, and most searched contents on the web.

Blogs that visitors read should contain accurate information and be informative. Moreover, place the incorporated keywords within the body of your blog and the headline so that the search engine will index the content and show it to the users when they search for the keywords.

The first of these tips is that no matter how you write it, you always write “to sell”.

  • Build an email list

Ensure you have your visitors coming back for more by boosting an email list. This is important since an email list will enable you to notify the subscribers via emails to visit your website for more content, introduce new products, and for promoting new sales.

In addition, you can always incorporate exit-intent popups to capture the visitors’ email addresses. The tool that you can use to generate good exit-intent pop-ups for your site is the OptinMonster tool.

  • Share your content on social media and on Pinterest

This enables you to get to more people who will come to your website since they have seen the content shared on the social media accounts. You can place your feed on Facebook, twitter, linked, instagram, pinterest, and any other place you think your users would loiter around.

Likewise, there are free WordPress plugins, for example, Social Media Share Buttons. This enables people to share your content with your website the click of a button.

  • Make your site mobile-friendly

Half of the world’s web traffic is attributed to the mobile phones and this aspect is set to grow significantly. Thus your website should be mobile friendly. Overall, your website should be ‘responsive’. Whether your site is mobile friendly or not, you can check by using Google’s mobile friendly test.

Ultimately, the site that has optimized for the mobile version will rank better for the word typed in a mobile device.

  • Use breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs to be inputted into the level of navigation which is basic to usability. Users must feel at home when it comes to interacting with the proposed structure. In addition, breadcrumbs change or enhance the manner in which your website appears on the SERP.

  • Go for Guest Blogging

I as a result come to the conclusion that guest blogging helps to drive traffic to your WordPress blog. Consequently, more visitors you will have in your website.

  • Create content-rich product pages

If your business involves an eCommerce site or a site with an online store, then the most frequented pages on your site should be your product pages, because most people search using the names of products and models.

Your product pages should have the following structure,

  • Titles
  • Description
  • Images
  • Reviews
  • Similar products and
  • Related blog posts

Bonus: Active Ways to Boost the SEO of Your WordPress Site

  • Select a good web host
  • Alter the default permalinks structure
  • Install an .xml sitemap plugin
  • Install an SEO plugin and start using rel=”canonical”
  • Use a CDN to boost your site’s performance
  • Optimize images on your site
  • Review and optimize your theme
  • Switch to responsive design
  • Customize your robots.txt
  • Add fresh and new posts frequently
  • Place the most important keywords in the first-100 keywords zone
  • Limit URL lengths of your post
  • Try to create viral content to have an immediate surge in traffic


Get the maximum of your WordPress site by implementing the above tactics and increase traffic to your website. Gone are those days when a professional was hired to develop your website. Now, you can even try developing a website through WordPress on your own. On the other hand, you can also depend on a reliable WordPress Development Company to help you.

You can also make use of the WordPress Development services offered by several entities to enhance the working of your WordPress website.

Let us wrap up with this. Now it’s your time to come up with an elegant and fit WordPress site. Share your thoughts with us on creating a website with WordPress.