Learn to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes on Instagram

Learn to Avoid Email Marketing Mistakes on Instagram

Statistics reveal that 44 percent of all email recipients actually make a minimum of one purchase for one year, impressed by a promotional email. This is definitely impressive. Email marketing is certainly not dead and is now an active marketing tool that needs little investment.

Email marketing, when combined with your Instagram endeavors, could prove to be highly beneficial. However, if you do not do email marketing correctly, you could be blacklisted. You must try identifying and learning some common mistakes email marketers make on Instagram.

common mistakes email marketers make on Instagram.

If you are thinking of marketing your business on the most popular social media platform called Instagram, you must avoid these glaring email mistakes that are commonly committed on this platform. Here are the mistakes that you must be careful about avoiding or rectifying at once.

Mistake No.1: Having No Clear Objectives

Some people do not know what their business goals are. They do not have an idea about their objectives regarding Instagram traffic. You must necessarily have a clear-cut strategy for your email marketing endeavors if you wish to forge ahead of the competition and enjoy the fruits of success. You must stay focused at all times. You could attain your business marketing objectives with personalized and scalable email automation. Now you could message users through email, push notifications along with real-time behavioral responses, or in-app messages.

Mistake No.2: Putting Inactive Links in the Instagram Bio

This is a really common mistake people make, putting up broken links or links to pages yet to be launched in their Instagram bio. It increasingly frustrates viewers who aren’t sure whether they should take your brand seriously if you don’t either. Make sure you know what you are linking to, and also keep things running as expected. It is sad if you forget to pay the dues for your domain and it goes offline for even a small while; you could be incurring heavy losses. Buy real Instagram likes by consulting reputed digital marketing services.

Mistake No.3: Opt-Ins in Random Place

A lot of users keep opt-ins right at the bottom and are then confused why things aren’t working out. This is because most visitors don’t go through your entire page and bounce off before reaching your opt-in. The best way to incorporate these would be somewhere near the top, or as a popup message. It must also be on your home page and no other random page, hidden deep in your sitemap. Your homepage is where the majority of your visitors land and it is where you need opt-ins or CTAs to be to ensure the best reach.

Mistake No.4: Over Targeting

Instagram is all about promoting your products to your target audience. So Instagram users are quite familiar with the importance of targeted marketing but often email marketers could end up over targeting and that could be quite harmful to the success of your email marketing campaigns.

If you have already segmented your precise target audience and yet you try filtering them again, then there is a huge possibility that you would be eliminating a lot of people who have proved their importance to you before in achieving a higher conversion.

Moreover, it may be incorrect to target precisely the decision-makers without bothering to take into account the influencers who play a pivotal role in decision-making while performing the segmentation task.

Mistake No.5: Always Steer Clear of Using Poor Content

Content is the heart of all marketing campaigns. It is the content that delivers your business message or brand message to your target audience. You simply cannot afford to mess this up. Sometimes, you have a truly phenomenal offer; however, your email content is of poor quality that does not grab audience attention. If your email does not have an enticing content, your audience would be deleting it or may not even bother to examine your offers. They might delete it even without opening it or going through your attractive deals and offers.


Steer clear of the email pitfalls discussed above if you wish to take the maximum advantage of integrating email and Instagram marketing endeavors. Focus on winning strategies.