The Key to Find the Strong Driving Force for Success

The Key to Find the Strong Driving Force for Success

The human drive toward achievement. The will to bring events into our life.

from where?

Does there exist a formula?

Or is something else what it is?

Some appear compelled from infancy to succeed. Others seem to slink through life with minimal drive.

Motivating formulas?

We can put together a formulaic approach to assist.

One excellent approach is the old Japanese philosophical Ikigai matrix. This four-pillar strategy addresses widely known facts. What we can investigate; what we can see in front of, behind, around us.

  • You are good —in expertise and experience. Most people are familiar with this. Something you could list on a CV.
  • What you enjoy doing—this is sometimes not clear but can be discovered.
  • What the world needs— research is vital yet all around us.
  • What the world will pay you— Once more, a little study can offer a reasonable estimate.

At the junction and at the center of those four parts sits what the Japanese refer to as “Ikigai.”

Translating it is “your reason for being.”

Then Dan Pink suggested in his book “Drive” another three-element formula.

These components consist of:

  1. Mastery
  2. Autonomy
  3. Goals

Once more, this is a developed and investigated framework designed to assist in revealing inspiration.

Not one of these are facts. Nor are they the ten commandments for discovering your drive or uncovering transforming inspiration.

All of us, though, enjoy a straightforward, step-by-step road map and manual.

These templates and tutorials can thus be somewhat directive and offer a foundation to help you begin to dream. It can let you map a fresh course.

Design a life instead of merely grabbing the keys you were handed and entering the social pattern.

Finding your mission is where a strong desire to succeed begins.

Discover your goal and life is no longer about hard labor.

The drive and inspiration merely “show up.”

It also flows.

But is the only method you will find your passionate driving mission to be planning?


Nothing like a good plan, then.

We also feature business strategists, life coaches, and career counselors for this reason.

Still, plans are often derailed despite best intentions.

Among other things are wars, GFC, and the great depression.

Mike Tyson stated, “We all have a plan until you get hit in the face.”

Usually the unknown surfaces and shocks. That is a natural way life works.

No matter how much you prepare, prescribe, and apply a formula—the truth is that often the answer resides in the muck of life.

I found it via what means?

I was punched in the face.

And I got an answer in the middle of the bleeding aftermath and introspection.

I did not invite the future. But I searched and looked for solutions.

One was hungry and with intention.

But it really manifested itself when my intentions were derailed.

The universe grasped my hand.

And only by stepping forward might one discover what lay behind that door.

Point up my hand and say.

I am poised.

Let’s get started.

Just turned fifty, and everything was a shambles except one thing. In the middle of a violent storm I had found a safe refuge.

The litany and patched collection of past mistakes, some accomplishments, shattered relationships, and continuous reinventions made up the wrecking ball of the past.

Along with a sustaining self-belief that I might rise once more and flourish.

Thanks to nurture as well as “Mum and Dad”.

Possibly nature.

Maybe both as well.

Perhaps it was built in right away. From the DNA box.

Safe haven

But out of that jumbled matrix resting in the secure harbor “it,” sprang.

an emotion, a faint taste of a strong energy.

I had calls.

Though unknown, anonymous

Given it was invisible, I could not see it.

But somewhere there was a whisper.

It hardly yelled.

a gut feeling.

an inquiry.

It was devoid of form.

But it was trying to be expressed.

My former constraints had been broken.

I could now run about and dream.

I could now afford the room.

the headspace.

The cardiac space.

More than one could possibly lose?

The difficulty we all have in moving from here to there and where our heart wants us to be is that safety and security can also be the chains that limit us.

Beginning from action.

Where we sense we have too much to lose.

The weekly money, the obligations, the duties, and all that goes along with the box of having to be a responsible adult. A grownup.

We stop entertaining and begin working.

We pass our dreams behind us.

The present

I considered the gift to be my lack of employment. I had time, then. I was in charge of this. There was now permission for sacred selfishness. And I allowed myself.

The young man had come back. The imagining and imagination were let free.

And I had nothing to forfeit.

All has already been taken from us.

The house; the mortgage; the marriage.

The friendly but distracting noise of rowdy family household adolescents.

And that silence sufficient for the whisper to be heard was the void that needed to be filled.

I entered the mystical intention of the nothingness.

And loaded it with my work.

I developed, wrote, published, and shared.

I got up at 4:30 am and worked until my regular job began.

That searing need continued for four years.

That sufficient to get lift-off speed.

And it called for full throttle.

Still, it was not laborious effort.

One had a fixation almost related to possession.

I nearly thought someone else was speaking through me.

There was no necessity for coercion.

It passed.

How can one continue the trip?

How then did I keep on? From what kept me going?

I got minor validations as I developed, printed, and distributed.

Notes, preferences, and shares.

Everybody searches for that validation as humans do.

For everyone of us has a need.

clearly visible.

Clearly evident.

No flawless response; yet, don’t discount the whisper.

Where therefore does your intense desire to succeed originate?

I still do not know the exact solution.

Neither premeditated nor strategized were my response and finding.

For me, though, it was a spirit I think everyone possesses.

Their goal.

To the Japanese, it is “Ikigai.”

Maslow referred to it as “self-actualization.”

It also reflects the vocation of life.

Just waiting for exposure.

The daily chipped away front shows your future.

Every one of us has a whisper that requires attention.

That is the secret and the mystery defying logic and mathematics.

And it might show up when you are five.

It also shows up at fifty.

And then you learn about it.

Avoid thinking.

Not doubt.