Top 10 Free WordPress Blog Themes

Top 10 Free WordPress Blog Themes

When an organization decides that they require a site, the next issue they have to decide is how they are going to build that site. For some organizations, this implies going to perhaps the most mainstream stages accessible today: WordPress. Self generated enterprises are approximately around 64% having a website in 2019 according to a website designing company. This is indeed wonderful but the number should be fundamentally higher than this. This is because a site can bring a lot to your business taking into consideration an increase in credibility, traffic, and sales.

1. Neve


First of all, the one for our own Neve is a basic starter theme, which can be utilized for building almost any website. It is incredibly fast, and adjusting it to be precisely what you need is simplest of tasks. The following are some of its important features:

  • It is portable, and especially fits well when used on any gadget with a small screen size.
  • The theme has been search engine optimized with regard to its structure and code.
  • While editing, it is possible to see real time changes.

2. OceanWP


OceanWP is another excellent theme that should be selected for the next blogging site. Another blurb is that it is clean, simple, easy to use and has developer tailored codebase to customize it. Take a peek at some of its highlights:

  • Extension libraries are a collection of prepared solutions with which you can boost the theme’s capabilities without programming.
  • Enables one to configure the settings of tablets and other portable devices.

3. Astra


Its next advantage is suitable for designing a small, personal website. It has a lovely simplicity to it for one to display content and to sell products on the web. The following is a list of Astra’s important features:

  • They may have some costly extras that allow it to be customised.
  • It is also designed to be AMP-ready to suit mobile devices especially when you launch the theme.
  • Astra is WooCommerce coded for ease of use with online stores.

4. Poseidon


Poseidon is nearly the perfect theme of how to display your information if you are using it with, bright and attractive, photographs. It has a single row of images with large containers on the images, and there’s usually whitespace in between.

    There is no better theme for mixed content blog than Poseidon as the layout enhances your writings and images. Let’s have a look at some of the theme’s main features:

    • All the models come with a full screen carousel.

    5. Hemingway


    Hemingway supports two columns and will be perfect for the sites that are strictly blogs. It is simple and minimalistic, with the structure focusing on your content above all else. The following are some of its important features:

    • A simple two-column layout.
    • This design features a parallax scrolling image and a full width image at the top of the page.
    • In almost every case, there is much scope for variation, and on only highly complex tasks is it difficult.

    6. Olsen Light

    Olsen Light

    Olsen Light is the best for creating a lifestyle blog (for such topics as fashion or travel). We have actually seen that it incorporates with a variety of packaged custom-made widgets to assist offer you mostly whatever you require to develop your site, in addition to an abundant variety of customizations. Some of its characteristics are as follows:

    • The theme is general and can easily be incorporated into any unit of work.
    • It is compatible with virtually all Pop music.

    7. Lovecraft


    The second type of layout is also two-column: Look, Frank, and Lovecraft. It is quite clear from the literary name that the platform was intended for bloggers or at least it was offered to them only. It does have the full-width of the website header image though. Take a peek at some of its highlights:

    • For bloggers, a two-column theme has been developed in order to make creating a blog easier and simpler.
    • A creditable header of the same width as the page occupies the space on the home page.

    8. Writee


    It is suitable for personal blogs and there are a lot of truly fascinating articles on cuisine, traveling, fashion and other genders of life. The following are some of its important features:

    • A layout that is fit for small devices.
    • To draw attention to your content that you want your users to see first, use a full-width slider.
    • It is possible to find a few widgets for the theme that aim to assist you in personalising your sidebar.

    9. Tracks


    Compared to most of the other free WordPress blog themes, Tracks is dark and minimalistic with a different default appearance. It has a very simple and elegant design which is best suited for photograph, blog and magazine websites.

      • A simple design that works well for text-heavy blogs.
      • Image-based content also stands out, which will appeal to designers.

      10. Hueman


        Hueman is the last theme on our list, and it boasts a sleek and adaptable style. It’s also mobile-friendly, which will appeal to readers on the go. Here are some of its most important features:

        • One of the most popular free WordPress blog themes on the market.
        • The three-column layout allows you to display a wide range of content.
        • The design is adaptable and adaptable.

        At the point when you’re beginning a WordPress site – regardless of whether for an individual or undertaking – it’s continually enticing to minimize expenses as low as could really be expected. In case you’re beginning an individual blog and have no designs to adapt your website, later on, a free WordPress subject and free WordPress modules and instruments will presumably give all you require.