Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses (2024)

Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms for Small Businesses (2024)

It holds that email marketing is an unmediated and inexpensive technique of communicating with the customers for Small Business. However, for a firm’s email campaigns to work, they have to utilize a robust email marketing platform. Fortunately, the options for an email marketing platform are unlimited and one can select according to one’s preferences most of the time.

Actually, quite the contrary is true.

Things get out of hand in this regard because there are many options to consider.

When deciding which email marketing tool to use, it helps to compare some of the top options for small businesses.

However, before what you need to know, below are the major aspects that need to be considered while selecting an E-mail marketing platform.

Things you should consider when choosing an email marketing platform

Choosing the one that is more appropriate for the small business is therefore dependent on the requirements and goals.

But there are some things that you need to expect before coming to decision. So, here are the most essential elements to look for:So, here are the most essential elements to look for:

  • Ease of use: This is one of the reasons why email marketing is usually so effective, because it proves to be time-saving and not very taxing. However, for this to be the case, your ESP should make specific actions like the creation of emails and dispatching them, or designing automated workflows as being as easy as a stroll in the park. Therefore, the email marketing platforms should come with drag and drop, easy to use interface and templates that can be easily customized to fit your needs.
    List management capabilities: In fact, those two notions are the pillars of any email marketing campaign. Which is why it’s necessary to look for a tool that has an understandable list management to amass and sort your marketing contacts. In order to be able to personalize the content that will be sent by Email, you have to be able to sort your list by several recipient characteristics.
    Automation features: To small teams, there are certain things that cannot be avoided; one of which is the automation of their email marketing. Some of the activities could be carrying out repetitive tasks which if done manually would consume a lot of time and energy that they cannot afford to waste. Therefore, a good ESP should bring out pre-built automation campaigns, different types of triggers, and an easy-to-navigate automation editor where they can create as well as fine-tune automated messages and campaigns in a blink of an eye.
  • Data security and privacy: Every computer user no matter the size of the business that he will be running wants to have his identity protected and safeguarded. That is why it is important your email marketing should meet the set data privacy and security policies like the GDPR. Also, it must adhere to every principle in the book on issues to do with the protection and utilization of user data.
    Excellent customer service: Thus, it would be desirable that the chosen email marketing platform is user friendly. Anyway, you will have to contact the customer support at some moment in time in most cases, even if the website meets your requirements. Therefore, choose a product that is associated with the relevant personnel support – fast respond. Ensure that it has a different means of communication also, in the event that they have to be reached in case of any issue.
    Detailed analytics: The first way of ensuring that email marketing is well done is by having analytical reports of the likely outcomes and areas likely to be of less benefit. It helps to maintain records of important email marketing standards such as, open and click-through rates, the rate of conversion, DELIVERABILITY and more before making a decision concerning performance of the emails.

Most suited email marketing tools for small business

To start with, creating the actual email campaign all the way to following the performance of the particular email is all conditional to the perfect platform to suit the small business email marketing needs.

This is why we carry out a review of the best email marketing tools so that you will know their merits, demerits, and other features. Ready to dive in?

1. Moosend


Moosend is comparatively new to the market. This reached a success due to affordable charges and the easy to use designs of the platform. With Moosend, businesses of all sizes have one of the most powerful tools in their arsenal for use in email marketing, complemented by a rather affordable price tag. Reporting, lead generation features, and most of all the simplicity of its drag-and-drop email creator tool makes this ESP perfect for small businesses and marketers who have little to no coding and design skills.

In particular, even the most ignorant of code-illiterate users can create enthralling e-mails with Moosend’s editor. It is an ideal tool for any small business to use since it affords pre-made email templates that can help in planning the ideal email from the very beginning. Also, there is an automation builder that is quite understandable, as well as several premade workflows, conditional rules, and several triggers for setting up the latter.

Using such a concept, you are able to half automate most of your customer website journey which could save a lot of time and energy to work on the strategy.


  • Automation options included in all tiers of pricing with recipe templates that have been pre-built and those that are customizable to suit the individual business’s needs.
  • The clear and highly customizable primary segmentation that can be based on almost any indicators, including the recipients’ demographic characteristics, their behavior, etc.
  • The spam testing as a feature is still also present for you in the low-tier plan so that you can successfully use email marketing campaigns and never miss the spam folder.
  • A rich choice of attractively designed and adaptable templates for users and enable to modify them based on the addition or modification of certain elements
  • Features such as cart reminder email, automated product suggestions, and options like cross-sell or an upsell


It has been observed that some users pointed out that it might take a long time to import the large email lists containing thousands of contacts.


There is no free-forever version of Moosend, but there is a 30-day trial that covers most of the service’s capabilities.

The basic commercial package costs $9 per user/month and it offers access to the collection of Email templates, automations, personalization options, all advanced reports, and others. It is worthy of note that while the FREE plan limits the number of emails to 10000 per day, all other plans have no send limit and come with email and live chat support.

2. Omnisend


Omnisend is, in fact, an email marketing solution that is widely used by small online store owners, mainly those using Shopify. The reason for it to be a perfect fit for this sort of business is that it is consolidated with powerful e-commerce marketing features. Also, store owners who want to use multiple channel approach discover the greatest value in the intermingling in the platform of sms, social networks, and email.

The other facts we have established that made small businesses to embrace Omnisend is that it has one of the most generous free plans out there.

This version enables SMBs to use features such as templates for automation, report types, web push notifications, as well as the SMS campaign. It is worth to mention that while discussing the Omnisend free plan, there is no restriction regarding functionality. Rather it capped the number of contacts in your email list and the total email sends that are allowed daily.


  • Nice and ready-to-use templates which you can further edit using the highly customizable drag- nd- drop email editor.
  • For WooCommerce compatible platform it connects with other reliable e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommce, Big commerce, etc.
  • Integrated direct mobile marketing to allow the marketer to reach out to the customers through SMS marketing in over 200 countries.
  • Some of the new ways that e-commerce business participants can boost sales which entail higher checkouts, involve scratch cards or coupons, and boost the email subscriber list with the use of engaging forms like Wheel of Fortune.


  • Specifically, the customers complained that the Omnisend support is quite slow.
  • Some marketers found its reporting is slightly less clear compared to the competitive ESPs and the element is regarded as slightly difficult to comprehend for new marketers.


Omnisend’s free plan allows you to send 500 emails and 60 sms within the month to 250 marketing contacts.

The basic tier with 6000 emails to 500 contacts and an unlimited number of web push notifications begins at $16 per month. Here, you should remember that should you want to have unlimited email sends, you do so only with a Pro plan which costs at least $59 every month.

3. MailerLite


MailerLite is a good email marketing solution that also has an impressive landing page generator on deck. Both basic and free plan users will be able to immerse themselves in landing page creation with the help of the builder integrated into the software, as well as create one site and up to ten landing pages maximum.

For creating a mail campaign, MailerLite also offers some sophisticated tools of email marketing like email customization depending on several variables. Where MailerLite truly stands out compared to most of its competitors is that it features three different email editors: , drag-and-drop, rich-text, and other advanced HTML. You could use any of them to effectively organize a desirable email marketing campaign.

On top of that, there exists an AI-based writing assistant and subject line generator beneficiaries for small businesses to emulate from as they boost their copywriting prowess.


  • A highly-functional site creator that helps users develop a site with basic and superior elements from scratch, even for those who do not have the coding experience – which makes Sobi one of the most appealing solutions for SMBs.
  • Regarding the potency of the segmenting ability, it lets users set a few options such as delivering the emails during the subscribers’ favorite time zone.
  • Monetisation additions to design and sell digital goods, as well as to accept payments utilising the platform’s numerous built-in e-commerce tools
  • MailerLite offers a free plan which will suit a small business owner who needs to create a website, build landing pages, and create emails.


  • Some of its users state that they do not like the fact that its automation functionalities are not very developed, especially for low-tier plans


MailerLite has an option of free plan that users can always use for free. But it is basic which includes only upto 1000 contacts and only upto 12000 emails. If one wishes to try some of the features which might be locked in the full version, then there is a 30-day trial version available.

Nevertheless, to unlock features such as its email templates, unlimited web-stores/emails, or 24/7 email support, one must subscribe to the tool’s basic plan starting from $9/month.

4. Mailchimp


Mailchimp is an all-in-one marketing platform the provides different choices for different marketing angles like social media to website development. But there are more of them because the main advantage of SiteGround is multiple options for the email marketing strategy.

Some of them are available in the commercial license which is free; thus, adopting it will benefit small businesses or startups. For the SMBs that want to grow their business with a limited budget, Mailchimp is a handy tool that also includes the functionality of the CRM and lead capturing.

Such as, its home page layout and sign up forms and, or even the ability to link your social media ads to it. Most of these actions enable the marketers to build the contact list of consumers and market effectively.


  • An assistant that can help even not very creative people to select ready-made templates and create rather themed and attractive e-mails from them.
  • Over 300 connection possibilities with the applications and services one usually employs, such as WordPress, Shopify, or Salesforce.
  • The available dynamic permutation possibilities for marketers to alter multiple aspects as well as emails, which would enable them enhance the results of their campaign.
  • Campaigns or options of the tool are not just covered by Help Center but they go one step further with podcasts and series


  • The features such as pre-designed email journeys, scheduling of emails, and phone support are not available in the free plan.
  • For large emails or if you are sending a large number of emails, then it becomes very expensive.


In the Free plan of Mailchimp, the user can only send their campaigns to a total of 500 contacts, and, the customer support is available only via email for the first 30 days after the sign-up. Pricing starts at $12. starts at $43/month and comes with up to 5000 emails, simple reporting and open/click rates, and basic automation features. Also, for all pricing plans there is a limitation on the number of email sends per month.

5. GetResponse


GetResponse is a leading tool that can be used in marketing one’s business through an email list for any small business that is starting up. That is why it is regarded as a rather cheap type of advertising, which people can easily comprehend. But it does not lag behind competitors regarding the design and customization of e-mail letters, report generation, and contacts database.

Regarding its features, its email builder is extremely useful for the email marketing, the user can easily drag and drop the elements. Therefore GetResponse is not simply the ESP as it deals with various areas of marketing that include the landing pages, social media, SEO, and even conversion funnels. Supplementarily, with GetResponse, there is even a possibility to introduce the live chat on your website.

What sets this email marketing software apart from the rest, however, is its ability to also host webinars to fully advance your marketing strategy.


  • GetResponse features a built-in AI that you can use to generate very inspiring content for your emails and subject lines.
  • It also has website construction tools that you can use to construct a site even when using its free plan.
  • The webinar hosting software of this reputable company lets you such opportunities as automated invitations, as well as considering up to 1000 people
  • Some of the possibilities to send autoresponders, work and filtrate the lists of recipients, and test the options.


  • Still, based on the reports, only get response very low in the aspect of deliverability.
  • Some great features such as complex automation workflows and contacts/segments are available only in the more expensive tier


GetResponse is peculiar for its free plan, which fit for sending up to 2500 emails to 500 subscribers, and one landing page. To use its email marketing functionalities, the prices begin at $13 each month.

However, if you want to get the most of the tool, you should definitely upgrade to its Marketing Automation plan starting from $44 per month to have the automation, webinar, and segmentation options.

Final words

Indeed, one of the many beautiful things about email marketing is that you can make a lot of money with this strategy without having to spend anything at first. However, we won’t lie to you; this is actually a do or die kerfuffle. Thus, in order to launch the best small business email marketing initiatives and obtain the desired outcome in line with your objectives, adopting the right tool for implementation is critical.

While starting with an email marketing campaign, it is not an easy task to settle for the right platform that will address the goals as well as the ideal market. Fortunately for you, here is a list of the best email marketing platform to help you sort things out.

Go through the features, their price and convenience, try the chosen ones and you will be already closer to providing a customer experience to remember.