WordPress SEO: Step by Step Guide to Rank #1

WordPress SEO: Step by Step Guide to Rank #1

The following are some of the diverse as per its productivity levels factors that influence the search rankings, and it is turning to control some of the factors to enhance your probabilities of success. The optimizations can help get the message out to millions of people with the help of search. Here, you will learn the detailed procedures in enhancing your WordPress SEO following the best practices.

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How to Start with the WordPress SEO?

First, go to your website and ensure it is not working correctly as per setting parameters. Related to problem solving, attempt to solve as many problems as you can. Here’s a quick rundown of the most crucial things to keep in mind:Here’s a quick rundown of the most crucial things to keep in mind:

Changing the Default Settings on the Website for Better SEO on WordPress

Here, we will discuss the settings that affect the SEO at most:

Visibility Settings

Verify if your site has been index by search engine. Navigate to the Settings –> Reading in your WordPress administration panel. Make sure the checkbox that is labelled as “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” located in the section labelled as Search Engine Visibility is unchecked.

Go to the address bar of your browser and input your domain name and hit enter. If the search engine has crawled your site, then they can locate you on the list. If not, you should submit your site to that search engine. If you wish to submit your site for indexing, try to find “Bing webmaster tools” or “Google webmaster tools” to find the correct page.

Permalink Settings

Through the customization of the Category Base, the permalink structure sets the URL appearance. This is very important because the actual content of your URLs makes up the relevancy factor that the search engines will use to rank your page. You will reap the reward if your URL includes the term/phrase on which you want to rank.

The rules of permalinks are in the Settings tab and the corresponding option in WordPress, namely WordPress Permalinks. Where Can I Find the Official SEO Permalink Structure? Basically, there is no perfect permalink format that the search engines like most. Instead, you will want something logical, well explained so you and your visitors can understand it, and suitable for your content.

The Post name structure is a typical and quite comprehensible means of material division. On the same page with the heading Optional if you opt on a basic permalink structure , you will be given the chance to determine your own structures of your category and tag URLs.

Entering your Web site with or without the “www”

Probably, the most purchases of web servers are preset to use www to enter a site, as well as to work with the site, without it. prefix. This may pose a problem with some search engines because xyz. com and www. xyz. addresses are regarded as different independent web sites or sub-sites of the major web site under consideration. The answer is straightforward: any one of them will do go to your WordPress General Settings and make sure the other one is pointing to your preferred one is directing the other one.

Configuring Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast specialize in SEO’s more technical aspects, such as titles, descriptions, and make is very simple and user-friendly. Yoast again offers a basic package for free, and for integrating the other features it offers paid upgrades.

Under the WordPress dashboard and navigate to Plugins / Add-New / Search for “Yoast SEO” / Install the plugin and follow these settings-

Page Titles

The first feature that is managed by the Yoast SEO plugin that you will want to optimize is the page titles. These are the tags that define what is displayed in the browser’s tab and the appearance of your site in results when you type your site’s address into Google.

If there is a perfect page title then the following features should be met:

Yoast allows you to set up page titles within a moment, but first, the components of a good page title?

First of all, each headline should be informative and interesting to force people to enter the website. Bear in mind that the title alone would be the element that would attract people’s attention in the search results list.

Next, the page title should contain the keywords for which you are targeting your website’s rank. There are two reasons behind this: Writing down the first words of a sentence search engines treat them as being more important and the terms that are early in a list will be the first that anyone will see when they are looking through the search results.

Therefore, those businesses whose keywords are placed at the beginning of their page titles will be positively ranked to give those individuals an incentive to visit the sites. It is also recommended that you incorporate the name of your site in the titles where it is most appropriate, but it should appear last.

Global Title settings

To set this go to SEO shop and then to Search Appearance. The first one YAFED here is the Title Separator. This is a symbol that shows your post title and your site’s name. Picking all may have an adverse effect on the choice made so pick the most attractive one for you.

Additional settings can be set to such as making the homepage as it is just the site’s name by default. Likewise, the tiles of the post and the pages can be set through the Search Appearance page; the options being available at the Content Types Tab at the top.

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the black writing that features under the title of any search result in the search engine and are not visible to the end-users. ,: In the absence of its specification, a fragment of your page’s content is selected with reference to the search parameters applied . On the other hand, if one builds the description manually, there is a great potential of ramping up the click through rates. This can also be done in the post editor’s Yoast SEO panel where the Flesch reading ease test can be completed. All one needs to do is go to the snippet, and click on ‘Edit snippet’, then type some text in the ‘Meta description’ box.

Social Media Meta data

Yoast also contains some features that might help you to add necessary social media metadata to the website. Selecting Social from the SEO on WordPress will take you to some different pages of social networking choices. Generally, we see the following tabs:

Accounts: Insert the URLs here to enable the search engine identify the social media accounts associated with the site.

Facebook: To include open graph meta tags into the code and have facebook show previews of what you are sharing based on the items. We specify that on this page, it is also possible to set primitive picture by default.

Twitter: Twitter Cards can also be enabled. It becomes more appealing when people share your work on the social tool known to many as Twitter.

Pinterest: If your site here concerns Pinterest, then link it here.

Google+: You may here connect your Google + page so that it will be of Google the official page of this website.

Some of the important features of on site WordPress SEO include;

features of on site WordPress SEO

WordPress theme/template is the layout of the website and is the core or makes or breaks the whole user experience. Also, the structure of your site must be easily readable for the search engines while the contexts which could be necessary should be provided. Let’s look at a strategy to improve your design:

Mobile-friendly Design

Fortunately today, responsive design or mobile-first design has been adopted by WordPress developers to be the new standard and almost all the current WordPress themes are responsive. Even still, double-checking before activating a new theme is a smart idea: To do this, we should go to the site’s mobile version and see whether it has good adaptability and provides an enjoyable experience. If your theme is out-of-date, unresponsive, it is high time to upgrade and upgrading is a compulsive event. It is an absolute necessity for almost every theme nowadays to be mobile-ready or to at least strive to become so, although there are also themes that are not suitable for mobile platforms. So here’s a link you can store and utilize to test your theme or website using a different Google tool: https://search. google. com/test/mobile-friendly.


In case your WordPress theme allows breadcrumbs at single post pages, it should be enabled. Breadcrumbs aid the search engines to crawl through your site structure and Google too prefers to show your breadcrumb navigation rather than the entire URL in the search results .


The headings inform the search engines about the organization of the web content; hence, having the correct heading for the right goals is significant.

Some of the available heading tags in HTML include heading one (H1), heading two (H2), heading three (H3), heading four (H4), heading five (H5), and heading six (H6); whereby each of them is a subheading of another.

The major headline should be the only heading one text on your posts and page because search engines believe heading one is the main title of the page. You can use Heading 2 to split content into sections if this is required. So, employing Heading 3, split those parts into subtopics, and further in the same manner until the end of the outline.

Duplicate Content

Practically, this means that the same content piece can be seven different pages and, therefore, competing with each other to rank in the search results between the single post page, the homepage or blog page, archives of categories, tags, dates, authors, and any page designated as such.

Fortunately, even if Google has become smarter in its searches, it basically can understand which site is primary and ranks it properly. However, since there are no certainties, the decision is made to suggest improving the site so that the problem with duplicative content is resolved. Mentioned in the list of requirements, we can complete this work with the help of the Yoast SEO plugin rather fast.

From here, all you have to do is go to the Search Appearance menu, and then from the top, select Archives. If you are running a single-author blog, your author page will look like your home page nearly, it would be best to deactivate this page. It is also okay to turn off the date archive as well.

Website Speed

The second tool, which can be used to monitor website performance is Google’s Page Speed Insights, as it is the easiest as well as most accurate tool. On staging environments/locally hosted sites, it typically won’t run. If so, you are able to turn to the Lighthouse tool which Google utilizes to scan your site in order to determine changes.

Website Speed

Enhance the content for WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Post the content on the regular basis which depend on what you would like to read if you are a reader. Every part of your site and its content should be fresh and contain no copy from other sites; simple and informative to satisfy the audience and cover all the information needed. The following points should be observed to enhance content-

  • Strive to maximize the blog contents; you can ensure that your website can be accessed by users who would rather type in a search engine such as Google to type in a focus phrase relating to the business.
  • Thus, it is significant to constantly control the ratio of occurrences of the specific term in the web page relative to the total number of words in the page. Instead, one should try to optimize for keywords more naturally and not stuff the keywords.
  • Listing down the Keywords you want to rank for is one of the important steps to follow before developing content. In a similar manner, keyword density is the sure way search engines can gauge the propensity of a website in relating to a certain keyword. If a term is frequent within a site, it is logical to assign to this page a high ranking.

Final Words

Visually, WordPress SEO may look a bit hard, but all worth it. Do not perform the wrong SEO strategies and stick to the right strategies that have been enumerated above.  This post explained how to start with WordPress SEO and improve your site’s content. You can also hire an SEO services company to grab a top position in search results.