10 Tips for a Successful and Stress Free Digital Nomad Adventure

10 Tips for a Successful and Stress Free Digital Nomad Adventure

Over 40 countries have introduced the ‘digital nomad’ visa. This implies that you may be able to work in one country longer than any normal tourist would be able to work.

Why it matters

The manner in which people have been working has however transformed. It is now time for what is best known as the ‘online side hustle’.

Indeed, online SIHs were first invited by the internet and subsequently by the smartphone. Which were then magnified by the social media platforms.

It is therefore apparent that the advancement in technology and the presence of knowledgeable personnel as well as virtual and internet-based commerce has changed the globe of work and commerce entirely. This shift is somewhat a transition from the industrial and agrarian form of economy that we failed to understand and accept this new future.

This simply means that the history we are faced with today is totally different from what we want for tomorrow. Getting rid of the old and the familiar is never easy.

The human being as a social animal is a creature that is fundamentally motivated by Patterns and habits.

But there was an accelerant.

The colourless virus that started flourishing in year 2020.

The pandemic has advanced the concept and practice of work and likewise the manner of how business is conducted. Every institution has been pioneered to the next level by bringing it forward by 10 years. Now, remote work, and entrepreneurship are all fine, and the only thing left for society to do is to find the right proportions.

This is a moving feast but the genie has escaped the bottle and we can’t put it back in, meaning already the enhancements have gone a long way to unlock new possibilities and freedom that cannot be unrealized.

Visa as tourists, most countries offer the visa for only 90 days while being a digital nomad, it will at times require a little more time. Most of these new types of visas give you a permission of 12 months or more before you have to go back to the drudgery of your home town.

If I were to follow those conditions in the given work context, I have been able to work remotely from nearly any location for the past 10 years. This can be quite fulfilling at sometimes; however, it can also be quite difficult at some points. But if the right balance is achieved, the online side hustle can be managed and expanded from the comfort of one’s home or anywhere with connection.

My experiment (myth or reality?)

In essence, real life erases the dreams that people have in mind. It is only after the idea has been tried or put to the actual test that one can know if the dream is viable or is worth pursuing by running a low cost trial.

About 37 months ago I committed myself, and set out on getting experience as a digital nomad for 3 months in Europe.

Why Europe?

This corner of the world was intended for human and equine transport by cart thousands of years ago. For this reason, the cities and the villages are not for machines but for people and the structures are not made with the consideration of cars.

While exploring the lifestyle of digital nomad I found out there are two factors that can be problematic.

  1. A moving office: The word ‘nomad’ means to constantly travelling and hence the title ‘digital nomad’ implies this constant travelling. That’s a trap. It is said in a romantic way, but it becomes high pressure and stressful. Said in a lighter tone, one cannot even imagine how tiring and challenging it is to look for a place that can be considered ‘home-based’ all the time. While the photos and reviews on AirBnB are a good way to get informed, they do not provide all the information needed to locate that perfect digital nomad base.

My simple checklist started with 3 requirements:

  • Live: sunshine and terrace allows one to work. To be precise, at that point I wished to be outside and watch a view. I don’t think I have ever found pleasant doing a job from a dark cave or even a cubicle kind of environment.
  • Adequate time to be on my own and do the laundry and cleanings; Easy access to a village that I could walk to for food and coffee. A place where man and woman can go in the evening for dinner and a glass of wine.
  • Stable and high speed internet connection. Internet via mobile is improving every year in every corner of the world but it is yet to be seen how one can get it in a mountain.

2. A messy routine: As with most other things in life, and especially any human activity, one has to be very operational in order to be productive. Routine is something I create, so for me it consists of several essential potions. Quiet time. Exercise time. Reading time. That does not necessarily sound too stimulating but there is liberation in that “R” word. That’s it. So, constant motion leads to the disruption of routine, which is deleterious to human stability. A digital nomad is where you get to live in a new world but from a stationary base that can become your home for a few months.

Here are some other elements of the trip that weren’t optimal:Here are some other elements of the trip that weren’t optimal:

  • Availability of an International airport whereby one can easily make a quick ‘get-away’ across the border to the neighboring country for the weekend. That is the explore part of the digital nomad status that cannot be simply overlooked.
  • A railway station which you can easily hop into for a day or two of sightseeing around some of the must-see places. High speed train is faster than plane in Europe most of the times. It is not necessary to endure the wickedness of airport security processes.
  • Friends or relative around or someone related.

These are additional items but can enhance your adventure so much You do not need to have these but they can be very useful.

It was actually looked for though it was not really needed.

The reality?

I will definitely say that this experiment had been one of the brightest and the most exciting moments of my life.

Here are my well researched pieces of advice for a perfect digital nomad trip.

Living and working as a digital nomad is both a possibility and a reality which, on one hand, is quite fascinating and, on the other hand, is not easy at all. Here are ten things that a digital nomad should implement to enhance their experience in the new lifestyle.

Determine your budget

The first prerequisite on the way to becoming a digital nomad is to define your budget. This will assist you to know the kind of place you can afford to live and the duration you can afford to travel. Make sure that you make comparisons based on such things as the cost of living in that area, cost of getting to and from different places, including hospitals and other related costs such as health and other insurance.

Choose a location wisely

This means that as a digital nomad, you’ll be having the flexibility on the location you wish to live and work. Selecting a good environment is also important since it affects factors like the cost of living, the availability of internet and other necessities, the culture and weather pattern of the area.

There must be a steady stream of income.

Thus, further, you definitely require an online side hustle income to be a successful digital nomad. This could be freelance work, a remote job or any kind of business for that matter depending on the owner. However, make sure as much as possible you establish a strong financial base before you begin your digital nomad life.

Focus on being organized

It is very important to note that the life of a digital nomad is quite smooth yet very busy depending on the kind of job one is holding. Specifically, it is necessary to keep things in order and adhere to time schedules so as to be able to perform tasks on time. This might entail something like developing a daily plan or organising oneself to use schedule tools.

Finding out how to work from home

remote work is an adjustment especially if you are not used to it. Luckily here there is always communication with your team or your clients and always up to date in your work even though you are not physically present in the office.

Ensure that you can get connected

It implies that depending with the internet will be the common practice among the nomad since the internet may be used in communication, work among other considerations. Make sure that your internet connection is reliable and be connected to your team or clients if possible.

Health aware

Business that require frequent travel and living in different destinations might affect your health hence, it is wise to consider your health. These may include aspects such as correspondence of exercise, proper diet, and corresponding consumption of water.

Stay safe

Touring to other countries also has its own risks and we may never know when danger may strike. It will be beneficial to look into the legal systems of the country and the peoples’ behavior and try to ensure own safety to the maximum, being cautious and inconspicuous.

Begin to pick up the national language

That’s why it’s recommended to learn at least the basics of the local language, which will help to feel the culture of the country and fully enjoy time as a digital nomad. It also makes it easier to interact with the locals of the new place and locate around new and unfamiliar areas as well.

Be open-minded

Of course, becoming a digital nomad can prove as an interesting a way to travel more and take a closer look at other countries. For one, be open minded and welcome the chance to learn and to do new things even if these may takes you out of your comfort zone.

Wrapping it up

These are some tips that should help anyone to do well while on the adventure of being a digital nomad.

Starting an online side hustle can unlock this dream and take your life from ordinary to extraordinary. Becoming a digital nomad isn’t hard but it does require you to act. An idea doesn’t count until you take action.