Generation gap: old people vs. young people

Generation gap: old people vs. young people

Even though the internet makes it easy for everyone to get knowledge, we still don’t understand the younger generation. This is the age gap. It’s just a difference in how parents and adults think about our younger age.

There has always been a gap between groups when it comes to their ideas about life, love, success, etc., and technology has pretty much made it worse. “You won’t understand this” is an easy way to describe a generation gap. Everyone has used this line with their parents. They have used it with their parents, and so have we.

Generation Gap

Differences in culture between generations

Why is there a gap between generations? Why does this take place?

A long time ago, parents only cared about their child’s schoolwork and marriage. Their child was pretty much the centre of their world. Parents these days are much busy, though. Their work hours never end, they have a huge group of friends, and they are totally into their phones and the internet, just like kids. A Pew Research Center poll from earlier this summer found that 79% of people believe there is a gap between generations. The question says that a generation gap is “a big difference between how younger and older people think today.” A 1969 Gallup poll and a 1979 CBS/New York Times study both found that the same number of people saw a generation gap. This number is more than 20 percentage points higher.

Kids are stressed and worried because they have a lot to do and do really well at it. They don’t have much time to think about what’s going on because their schedules are so full. By the time they get home from school, it’s already too late for their other hobbies and games. They seem to be growing as people, but what parents don’t realise is that having too many things planned puts stress on a child’s mind because they have to do well at all levels, and the stress keeps building.

1. Technology is a big reason for this gap between generations. It’s true that our computers, cell phones, tablets, the internet, and all the social media apps have made us less close. We now live more in our digital world than in the real one, and sharing things on social media is more important to us than telling our families how we feel. We keep our phones out during meals so that we can take “beautiful” shots of the food to post on social media or answer messages and chats.


2. The different ways they were raised could be another reason; their mental frames are different. People develop psychological and behavioural habits based on the things that happen to them. Then, when people from different generations get together, they often have different thoughts and opinions, communication problems, fights, and other problems.
3. Most parents love their kids very much, but they don’t talk to or listen to them as much as they used to. This is because they have a lot to do, are busy, and are stressed at work. They are under a lot of stress to balance work and family life, and kids don’t tell their parents about what’s going on at school or in their daily lives. These differences in how different generations see old age go all the way down to the most basic question: When does it start? People between the ages of 18 and 29 who answered the poll said that the average person gets old at age 60. People in the middle age range put the age limit closer to 70, while people aged 65 and up say that the average person doesn’t become old until they are 74. To make a living, parents basically have to give up a lot. In fact, they are not paying attention to their kids. Parents may not understand what their children are thinking, which makes it hard for them to talk to each other.

4. Parents worry a lot about how well their kids are doing in school and don’t pay much attention to their interests and hobbies. So, kids might not be able to pick and choose which activities they do and books they read. Kids may feel like they are locked up like birds, which makes them feel less close to their parents.

How can you bring together people of different generations in your family?

Now, people who didn’t have TV or could only watch black-and-white TV can watch it on their phones. What does that mean?

When people insult and blame each other, the gap between them gets bigger. People get into fights because of this.Let us look for the good in each other and learn from our flaws.

Close the gap between generations in your family

Close the gap between generations in your family

1. Don’t say embarrassing things. Stressful things include grades, church, politics, sex, and more.Maybe young people think differently. It is easy for them to not agree. When two groups of people fight, it can be embarrassing and awkward for everyone.

People of all ages need to understand that times and ways of life change. The old have to accept that young people are changing and that they need to learn from them, even if they are supposed to be their guides.

2. Both groups don’t want to listen to each other a lot of the time. When you listen, you should not only pay attention to “WHAT” is said, but also “WHY” it is said. This method might lead to fewer arguments at home.

3. Don’t bring up sensitive things. Stressful issues include school grades, religion, politics, sex, and more.Thoughts of younger people may be various. They can easily disagree with each other. Fighting between two groups of people can be embarrassing and awkward for everyone.

4. Getting angry is never a good idea. It has made the gap between the two groups even bigger. When you’re angry, you come across as uncaring, strict, cocky, or even wrong. Kids do things behind your back and become stubborn because of it.Instead of criticizing or getting mad at them, show them the way. Pay close attention to what they say and help them with their issue.

Last but not least, try to make people happy. Kind words, hugs, and smiles will show that you agree, love, and value them. The kids will be drawn to you. Time spent with your kids and grandkids will help you form strong bonds with them. It will make them feel sure of themselves, safe, and mentally healthy.

spending quality time with your family

getting to spend time with your family

It is normal for people from different generations to have different thoughts and feelings about many things in life, like jobs, living, and other things.Every age has its own background and ideas.It is possible to close the gap between generations if people know that each person is special and has the right to their own thoughts.Keep in mind that Instagram has rules you should follow if you want to buy followers. Putting authenticity and user involvement first is always the best way to make long-term progress.