10 Great Sites Where You Can Get Paid to Write Online [Updated in 2023!]

You seem to enjoy writing…

Do you want to do it for fun or do you want to make a job at it?

You may have tried to make money by blogging or writing before, but got stuck on a plan that didn’t work. Or you just get tired of looking for work and are always looking for the next one. It might be hard.

Just think about how much better your independent writing career would be if you could always find work? A list of places where you can get paid to write online that will always have work for you?

It might not be possible, but it’s not.

There are many chances for bloggers and content writers on the Internet. You just need to be careful to only work with trustworthy sites if you want to make a good living writing.

Not to worry, you won’t have to try a lot of different sites before you find one that pays well. The sites on this list are safe, reliable, and will give you plenty of work whenever you need it.

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Sites where you can get paid to write online:

1. Contena

It has a lot of great tools that can help independent writers get their businesses off the ground and find specific writing jobs posted all over the web. That’s why it’s at the top of our list.

The following are some of the features:

  • A tool for looking for work
  • Alerts by email
  • Find submissions
  • A list of pay rates for more than 1600 businesses.

All memberships give members access to Contena Academy, which has a six-module video training course and other resources to help people start a freelance writing job right away. Members of the Academy, even those who have written before, like it because it gives them the tools they need to be successful.

The best thing about joining Contena is that their Platinum members get a professional writing coach who will work directly with them to help them create their portfolio and individual pitches for jobs they find on Contena. The coach will also be there to answer any questions they may have along the way.

There is no cost to create an account on Contena and see how it can help you start writing professionally.

2. Blasting News

Blasting News

As of May 2013, Blasting News was the biggest global publisher of social news. It is now one of the 200 most popular websites in the world, with more than 80 million unique readers each month, according to Alexa.

Blasting News covers news in 34 countries and 25 languages. In the US, freelance writers and journalists can make up to $12 for every 1000 viewers.

All the articles are written by freelancers (Blasters), and a group of senior professionals (Senior Blasters) make sure they are accurate and choose the best ones to publish. To get the best results, news is spread by both the writers and Social Blasters, a group of the world’s most influential digital people.

Write articles for other people and get paid up to $500 per one right now.

3. Listverse

This website is all about finding the most interesting and rare pieces of information. You can post list posts full of interesting facts to Listverse. You can send in an idea for an interesting list post that’s 1500 words or more and get $100 for it.

It’s not easy, but one of the fastest ways to get paid to blog is to have your post published at Listverse.

4. InstantShift

Turn immediately around.
You ought to absolutely write excellent articles on code and design and submit them to InstantShift. The quantity and calibre of your work dictate your pay.

With this website’s stellar reputation, you can anticipate earning a respectable sum of money for a well-written piece.

5. Tuts+ Code

Tuts+ Code is looking for more authors to join their team right now! In particular, they want writers who know a lot about technology used in web creation.

“How much will I get paid?” is one of the things people ask the most. Some of their regular writers charge more than $700 USD a month to put out high-quality tutorials several times a month.

For quick tips, they charge $100 USD, and for regular lessons, they charge $250 USD (per piece, per lesson). They are also ready to talk about rates for well-known teachers and authors.

6. The magazine International Living

The goal of International Living Magazine is to give readers knowledge about travelling, living, retiring, investing, and real estate around the world that they can’t get anywhere else for any price.

The story will be published, and International Living will buy all rights. You will be paid.

7. HubPages

This is a website about finding paid writing jobs online
A lot of people visit HubPages.com, so it’s definitely worth your time. You’ll need to send in stories that are at least 700 words long, and you need to make sure they are free of writing mistakes.

8. Insiders in eCommerce

If you want to write for eCommerce Insiders, you need to know a lot about ecommerce.Written from personal experience, it should be targeted toward internet retailers and fall into one of their categories or subcategories.

When eCommerce Insiders pay for exceptional, original, and exclusive content, it happens as follows:

  • $75 for each 400–600 word item
  • $125 for each piece beyond 600 words
  • $150 apiece 600 words or longer

9. Writers’ Weekly

Writers Weekly is a website about writing jobs that pay well online.
This online magazine comes out once a week and has writing-related pieces, freelance job listings, and markets for writers. People who pay for WritersWeekly don’t want to read about how to write; they want to know how to make more money with their writing.

Once you understand that part, you can start sending articles to this magazine. For every 600 words, you will get $60.

10. Agent Change

This is a page about paid writing jobs online called “The Change Agent.”

This magazine comes out every other year and is for adult learners and teachers. Its goal is to provide low-cost tools with writing by adult learners. There are news stories, cartoons, poems, graphics, opinion pieces, and classroom activities in these items. If you send in between 200 and 1000 words, you’ll get $50.

A review of jobs that pay to write online

This post has 10 great writing websites that will help you make money.This list contains 20 more sites that pay more than $100 per piece, though, if you wish to search more.

I created this list since I am aware of the difficulty of beginning a writing career.

Contena is the website I would choose if I had to choose only one to begin earning money writing. It brings together some of the best job chances from around the web and has a helpful training academy that can help you really pitch for jobs. Go ahead and click on it.

I hope this piece has helped you get started as a writer.

Get started right away with writing jobs that pay you.