Why podcasting is an important part of all content and SEO strategies

Why podcasting is an important part of all content and SEO strategies

Where were you the first time you heard of podcasts? Did you suddenly grab your headphones because you had to try the newest and greatest information delivery method? I will venture that the answer is probably not.

That being said, I think you’ve given it a listen since then. You might be one of the 90 million people who listen to podcasts every month, or you might just have a few favourites.

Thoughts? Podcasts are strong no matter what. There were only 500,000 podcasts in 2018; now there are over 850,000. And I promise that people who might buy from you are listening.

Podcast Creation

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Everyone knows that having a following or crowd can make a huge difference in your business’s bottom line. Podcasting should be a part of your SEO and content marketing plan no matter what kind of business you have.

Starting a podcast is a simple way to make content for your business, and it will give you a lot more benefits with less work than other types of content.

How to Start a Podcast

Podcasts used to be seen more as a way to entertain and learn than as a way to improve SEO and marketing. Podcasting has changed the way online businesses work by giving them these advantages:

  • Being able to get a huge number of new followers
  • building backlinks, which helps your site rank higher in search engines
  • Being a guest on another show and having guests on yours are both ways to network.
  • Voice a podcast

Podcast voice

It scares a lot of business owners to think about having to talk on a podcast. If you’re not good at interviews, you might want to hire someone else to do the voiceover for your show.Never forget, though, that the goal of podcasting is to get to know your audience.Voices of brands are liked by people. Use this as an opportunity to provide them straight business information.

To build a community, one must be real. Give people your voice. They will know you better and trust you more as a result. People will feel like they know you, which helps you build an audience much faster than text posts that don’t do anything.

Starting a podcast to help SEO – fundamentals

Things you need:

  • A webpage or page for your podcast that other people can link to
  • Posting at the same time every week (on the same day)
  • Keywords to improve the text
  • Some interesting topics

Podcasting gives your brand new and important SEO benefits. By consistently posting good content, you can earn the trust of your viewers, see your audience grow by leaps and bounds, and get the backlinks you need to move up in the search engine results.

Google has said that their search engine will be able to find podcast recording. In a talk, Zach Reneau-Wedeen from Google’s radio team said:

“Google does a great job of giving you text and video that are related to what you search for.” What with all the great podcasts coming out every day, there’s no reason why music shouldn’t be treated the same way…Better than now, it could help people find the best content for them at that very time.

What you can do to make your show SEO-friendly

Now that you’ve made your podcast, you need to make it search engine friendly. Google won’t listen to your podcast, but you can still show them that your content is useful to their readers in other ways. These tips will help you get the most out of all the SEO benefits that podcasting has to offer.

Put topics in your transcriptions.

When you put a podcast show on your website, you should also put a written transcript of it there so Google can read it like a blog post. You can hire a virtual assistant or use a service like Rev or Temi to have your shows recorded and typed up for you.

It’s also a good idea to add some keywords related to your podcast’s topic to the transcriptions for each show if you want them to rank.

Your money pages should have channel links to them.

Your goal should be for each show to rank highly for a certain keyword. To increase your domain authority, you should use your podcast to get links from other websites. To get people to visit the important pages on your website, just add a link to a service page or blog post at the start of every podcast show.

Your show will help people find your site and link to it. But it’s likely that you want to view and rank higher more important pages on your site. For those pages that link to your podcast pages, “link juice” can help them rise higher.

If you have guests on your show, ask them to post it on their blog and link back to it. A lot of companies are ready to do this, and it gives you a backlink. You could also get high-quality links by being on other shows.

Channel link equity to your money pages

how-link-equity-distribution-works for podcasting channels

A plan for selling podcasts

As soon as you start a podcast and consistently post new episodes, your following will slowly start to grow. You can get more people to listen to your podcast faster by doing the following:

  • Get people to subscribe so they don’t miss a show.
  • Offer a lead magnet to those that join up for your email list.
  • Connect your social media accounts.
  • Connect your website or websites.
  • Organize reviews from others.
  • Tell folks they can send you views or questions via email.
  • Organise a game or discuss sales.

Engaging your audience makes it more likely that you will keep them and attract more of them.

Talk to the participants of your program.

A great approach to get backlinks, raise link equity, and promote your business is to have guests on your podcast. When a guest on your podcast draws in listeners for that specific episode, you become more visible. More people that like you, the more likely they are to join your group.

Following up with guests after a podcast episode is out and asking them to share it on social media. Most of the time, they will. Your SEO will also improve because social signs are used to rank sites.

Join other shows as a guest

Being a guest on someone else’s show will not only get your brand backlinks, but it will also bring more people to your site through referrals. When you appear as a guest on a podcast, their listeners immediately become your listeners. Having you on as a guest also shows that the radio host trusts and values you. This is a great chance to talk about your own skills, business, and channel to turn referral traffic into customers.

Having a guest on a program will draw more people to your website. The fact that it is free advertising is a big plus. You can tell them what makes you special and how your services could help their business. Assume power, and people will come to you more. Besides, the knowledge is usually useful.This means it becomes public and, once established, will continue to reach new people.

Take your podcast live right now.

Just got into podcasting? Take these steps first to make sure your SEO and marketing strategy is headed in the right direction:

  • Look over the “Top Ten” talks on your subject and note what really sticks out. What’s not there that you could add?
  • Make a great landing page for your show.
  • For SEO, look up keywords and build the plot of each show around them.
  • Find important people and invite them to your party.
  • Get in touch with similar shows and ask to be a guest on one of them.
  • Share links to podcasts where you’ve been a guest on social media. Promote your show.