These 15 visual content marketing facts will blow your mind.

These 15 visual content marketing facts will blow your mind.

Every day, more than 2 million blog posts are released, so yours needs to stand out.

You can’t just write great content today, that’s the truth. Too much writing is already out there for people to read.

You need to start writing amazing, one-of-a-kind material that no one else can copy.

It needs to be different from everything else on social media and useful to people so they’ll come back.

I know it’s hard to walk that line, but it can be done.

Making more visual material is one of the easiest ways to do this.

Videos, infographics, and posters that are both highly appealing and easy to understand.

If you write something like this, people will want to read your story instead of the thousandth list of the best marketing quotes.

I can promise you that the best way to be successful in 2018 is to make more visual material. Visual material affects many parts of your brand and bottom line, even if you only sell things online.

Wow, these visual content marketing stats are really amazing. You’ll want to start creating right away after seeing them.

1. You can remember up to 65% of visual information better after three days.

Studies have shown that people can remember about 65% of what they see up to three days later. Compared to 10% of written information that is still read three days later.

That means you should probably make a picture of your most important points or information. You could use an infographic, like the one below, or just a graph or chart to show the facts.

Better recall

2. 41.5% of marketers say that infographics and other original images work best.

In 2018, it won’t help your marketing to use dull stock photos as your pictures. You wish to make something completely unique.


Infographics are a great way to show what you want to say. That’s why 41.5% of marketers said the best images are ones like infographics.

Infographics even did better than GIFs, which are the most popular file type on the internet.

3. 30% of marketers make their own images

It will be easy for you to get ahead of the other marketers since only 30% of them make their own graphics.

30% of marketers create their own visuals

And there are creative tools like Canva, Venngage, and PiktoChart that make it easy for anyone to make an interesting image. There are tools for people of all skill levels, whether they need to make a cover picture for social media, a new video, or an infographic.

4. 3 times as many people share infographics as any other type of information

Hubspot found that infographics are shared three times more often on social media than any other type of visual material.

infographics 3x more than any other type of content

Given how skillfully infographics combine captivating visuals with engaging text, three times more of them than any other kind of content is hardly unexpected.

5. In 2017 thirty percent of the bloggers utilized more than one image.

In 2017, more bloggers than ever before featured several photos in a post. It’s not a small rise either. There are over 30% more blogs now than there were in 2016.

30% more bloggers were using multiple images in 2017 than in 2016

Adding more than one picture or other visual to your blog posts is a great way to break up the text and make it easier to read. I mean, look at all the pictures I’ve used in this piece so far!

If you make a good visual, you can also add some background or extra information to the written material.

6. People follow directions that they can see It works 323% better than written directions

People can read and follow larger pictures or infographics better, which is one reason why they work so well. They can actually follow them three times better than written instructions.

There is a lot of great visual material on Instructables that helps their readers:

People follow visual instructions 323% better than written instructions

Just remember the last time you tried to put together an IKEA table with written instructions. Doesn’t make sense? I think things didn’t go so well with that.

7. Pictures and videos can earn you real money

You can also make real money with visual content if you work as a freelancer or have a side business. You can use a book, a course with pictures, or a set of email lessons to do it. You are the one who decides!

Pictures and videos can earn you real money

One example is the Holy Meme Bible that Jason Wong made. It sold over $200,000 in three weeks.

8. 74% of marketers add pictures to their social media posts

What if you’re better at social media? Visual content marketing can still help you. Since almost 75% of marketers use images on social media, it might look like your post won’t stand out.

We saw above, though, that most of them share stock photos or gifs that aren’t their own. They make more noise than they add.

So share information that is substantial and useful. Facebook and Twitter don’t need any more shots of everyday things.

9. If you use a visual, you get 37% more interaction on Facebook.

Posts with pictures also get more engagement than posts without pictures. In fact, almost 40% more people talk to them.

If you use a visual, you get 37% more interaction on Facebook.

Statistics on visual content marketing
More interaction on Facebook
It makes a lot of sense. Being able to see a post with a picture is much better than just reading words. It also takes up more space on the screen, especially on phones.

10. Tweets with pictures get 1.5 times more retweets

On Twitter, too, posts with pictures are still getting more shares. It’s even more clear that people are less interested in text-only shares than in visual ones.

Tweets with pictures get 1.5 times more retweets

150% more tweets because of visual content marketing
Buffer says that Tweets with pictures or other visuals should get 1.5 times as many shares.

In this social network or news feed, too, posts with pictures take up more space than posts without pictures. It’s much harder to miss a share that has a unique or interesting image with it.

11. 51% of B2B writers say that visual material is the most important thing for them.

Not only bloggers are considering increasing the number of images used in marketing.

51% of B2B writers say that visual material is the most important thing for them

Over half of B2B writers expect to produce more graphic content in the upcoming year. They also want to create more engaging content, and better visuals can support them do that.

12. Stories with pictures get 94% more views

People will skip over your pieces from the start if they don’t have pictures. Articles with pictures get 94% more views than articles without pictures.

Before you even read the story, the pictures are a quick and easy way to tell how good the writing is.

You can guess a lot about how hard someone worked on an article if it doesn’t have any pictures or if the person who wrote it chose the most basic stock photo to include.

I will skip over stories like that right away if I see them in real life. I know a lot of other people feel the same way.

13. By 2019, 80% of all videos on the internet will be

Video is going to rule the world of content marketing soon. Are you all set? This part is for you if you don’t like some of the types of visual content I mentioned.

By 2019, 80% of all videos on the internet will be

Over 80% of everything shared on the internet will be videos in just two short years. That percentage is expected to go up every year after that. The web is going in this direction, so why not be the first to make something?

And the following numbers about visual content marketing should help you see why video is about to take over…

14. More than 15 billion videos are watched every day on Facebook and Snapchat.

More than 15 billion videos are watched on the two new video giants’ networks every single day. That’s twice as many people as there are on Earth, which makes these visual content marketing numbers almost hard to believe.

More than 15 billion videos are watched every day on Facebook and Snapchat

It makes a little more sense when you think about how many movies you watch every day.

15. Four times as many people would rather watch a review film than read one.

I watch review videos for everything I buy, so this visual content marketing fact doesn’t surprise me at all. Seeing the object in a video is different from reading about it or seeing a picture of it.

You can also get it seen by about a million more people, like Unbox Therapy did below:

On top of that, watching a live person review something makes it seem a lot more real. You can use that to make your content marketing a little more interesting next year.

In conclusion

So that’s it! These numbers about marketing with visual content show how powerful visual content is.

Do you want your post to be heard over the internet’s noise? Are you ready for your content marketing to work better?

What you need is visual information.

You can’t just leave pictures out of your content or use boring stock photos. Even if your work is great, you won’t be able to beat the other people.

Visual material is quickly taking over the internet.Don’t struggle against it or lag behind it. Start including your own images, movies, and infographics into your writing.

Making material that others would find valuable can help you stand out from all the other social media noise. Your content marketing plan will work better, get you more attention online, and get you more engaged with your audience.

Ready to do well in a world where things change quickly? Visual content could be the most important thing you need to achieve.