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Five of the best places to get real and cheap TikTok views in 2024

Getting TikTok views yourself can be even more challenging than purchasing them.

We have done the difficult work for you by thoroughly evaluating and selecting the top websites from which to purchase, compiling a list of the top websites that provide excellent, timely customer service.

In other words, UseViral.com is the best source for TikTok views according to our own tests.

We selected the five websites that sell views after reviewing over 150.
“That provide to everyone the quickest, real, and best quality delivery at an affordable cost”.

We have ranked them out of ten according to their availability, cost, advantages, and disadvantages.

2020’s top five websites for purchasing TikTok views

2020’s top five websites for purchasing TikTok views

Five websites are the best ones to purchase TikTok views:

1. UseViral


Views can be purchased on UseViral.com.
Not at all bad, 9.5/10
UseViral.com offers for sale actual Vimeo views.

You will immediately see views you purchase on this website on your movies.

These guys sell TikTok buddies, likes, and comments as well. The Monterey Herald, Forbes, and HuffPost have all covered the excellent service this company provides and the reason for their big clientele.

Amazing Views:

  • quite good retention
  • Refund of Fund
  • Help with the name of your account and the previous service.
  • It takes Bitcoin, Apple Pay, PayPal, and credit cards these days.

The negative:

  • Not give package sizes based on a million TikTok views
  • Visit UseViral.com to learn more.

2. SidesMedia


Check out SidesMedia.com to purchase TikTok views.
Ninety-three overall points
SidesMedia.com is the website I have next listed.

I can personally attest that SidesMedia provides excellent views and prompt customer service.

Packages that are buyable include 250, 500, 1000, 1,500, and even 5,000–10,000 views. Its popularity thus increases quickly and easily.

They have been named the best place to shop by magazines including Business Review, Times Standard, Outlook India, and Times Of Israel. Among the popular forms of payment accepted are Visa, Mastercard, and ApplePay.

Main Advantages:

  • very high grade views on TikTok
  • An impressive degree of retention
  • Return of Money Guarantee


  • It cannot be tried for free.
  • Get more information at SidesMedia.com.

3. TokUpgrade


Included TokUpgrader
TKUpgrade Enhance Telegram Score: 6.7
For your TikTok to prosper, buy from a reputable company and give them your support. If you wish to increase your account in all areas—followers, likes, and views from real followers—TokUpgrade is an organic TikTok growth solution that can be just what you need.

Regarding TikTok engagement services, TokUpgrade is among the best. More individuals being interested in your TikTok page as a result of these services increases interaction and followers.

In this case, TokUpgrade will manage the growth of TikTok so you can concentrate on creating content and doing hashtag research once more. They oversee your account seven days a week, around-the-clock using advanced targeting strategies to make sure that only followers you want to see your account or many TikTok profiles are interacting with it.

One great choice for a comprehensive, long-term TikTok strategy is TokUpgrade.


  • A quick delivery
  • Helpful customer service
  • Not a fake watcher


  • Delaying the arrival cannot be chosen.
  • Buy TikTok views of Tokupgrade.

4. Toksocial


Features of TikTok available at TokSocial

Not so bad, 6/10

Toksocial is remarkably free of phoney users. To always provide you real viewpoints, they converse with live, engaged TikTok users. More TikTok likes and followers will also be yours to purchase. Buying views on TikTok will increase your visibility overall.

Toksocial will assign you a personal account manager who will use the newest technologies to makeover your TikTok account entirely. The service will run around-the-clock and setup is quick and easy.

Toksocial promotes real, focused growth of your account as well as raising interest in it. Come talk about what you need to get more TikTok views.


  • Rapidly raise curiosity in other people
  • Five years after that,
  • marketing expert


  • Bitcoin is not a payment option they take.

5. Growthoid


Growthoid.com’s TikTok Views: How Many

6.9 out of 10 total score

We give Growthoid second place. With it, we can get TikTok views the most consistently and dependable. With a few of these apps working quite well, Growthoid is the only one that really stands out.

Hundred TikTok views can be purchased for less than $1. Prices come down the more you go. This is a really good strategy for not coming off as fake.

Along with a range of safe payment options like Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Bitcoin, they also offer instant (or gradual) watching and round-the-clock, seven days a week customer service.

Growthoid claims the majority of their customers buy packages of 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 TikTok views.

Never do they use bots when you buy cheap TikTok views. Every view is taken from a real TikTok account. Should you require it, they can even sell you views on YouTube.


  • company chartered
  • excellent assistance
  • Five years later, still now


  • There isn’t a trial available
  • Running second…

6. Social Viral

7.5/10, rather decent

Viral social media could increase the number of views your videos receive on TikTok. You will get actual, excellent TikTok views after you purchase. They do not fool about with phony video views.

It’s best to order smaller ones so TikTok won’t find out and penalize you because they dispatch things quickly. Another choice is to ask for a delayed delivery.

Social Viral guarantees their work, thus purchasing from them is secure. No long-term problems or loss of opinions will occur. Views of your TikTok videos will never stop as long as people watch them.

They provide very affordable packages, which makes them a great choice to get TikTok views, followers, and likes.


  • Have it shortly.
  • Clients get quick attention
  • Disclaimer of Warranties


  • little payment choices

7. TokCaptain


Rating: 6.9 out of 10

People can’t all watch, especially if you’re just starting out. This website streamlines buying from a reputable company that has helped users grow their TikTok following and video views since the app’s inception.

TokCaptain will help you get more likes and friends on TikTok. Getting seen on TikTok is easy with TokCaptain’s array of advanced targeting and interaction options.

When you require TikTok growth, TokCaptain provides a range of monthly alternatives so you won’t have to pay for individual transactions.

They only engage with real, relevant people on TikTok as well. Go see how they want to gradually grow TikTok.


  • Association of professionals
  • Growth under preparation
  • Real curiosity


  • A very new business

8. Media Mister

Media Mister

Score: 6.3/10

Media Mister has been involved in social media since its inception, hence they have a plethora of expertise getting you substantial followers and engagement.

TikTok has been added to their list of services to help customers be found on the new, popular app and reach new people with more TikTok views.

Use Media Mister and you will always get exactly what you need. They will safeguard your profile and deliver your goods in an acceptable amount of time. It is easy to become popular and engage on TikTok and other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

If you would want more people to see your TikTok, Media Mister is a great choice.


  • Company of entrepreneurial marketing
  • useful in many situations
  • That is true.


  • Paypal is the only way they take payments.

9. FollowsUp


6.1% out of all

FollowersUp helps grow on TikTok. This customisable slider tool allows you to select the exact number of views you need. This will help you excel on TikTok.

Every transaction comes with a lifetime guarantee from them as well. This guarantees that you retain all of your views and are satisfied with your purchase for a very long time. TikTok is expanding mostly as a result of its users. TikTok discounts aside, this service is well known for exceeding user expectations.

They only offer lovely views since they can safeguard your account and ensure great service. Nobody who ever made a purchase from them has ever been punished or banned.

FollowersUp also enables you to connect and create friends on social media networks including Facebook and Instagram. Make good cross-platform presence utilizing the resources they supply.


  • You may purchase friends, likes, and views.
  • Really prompt delivery
  • Strong hold on


  • Nothing is free to sample.

10. Bouxtie


5.9 out of 10 reviews

A wise option if you want more people to see your films is Bouxtie. Having been in business for some time, they assist their clients in expanding their social media accounts.

They can assist you in purchasing more than simply TikTok views. Along with service for Facebook, Instagram, and other sites, you can purchase friends and engagement for TikTok. One of the most reliable in their field.

Its services always appear authentic and of excellent quality, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the image of your account.


  • Economical packages
  • Diverse services
  • Sort the gender of your followers.


  • One might find a few online reviews about this company.

Buying TikTok views fast: A buyer’s advice

The last section will explain how to purchase TikTok views. You won’t have any troubles, it’s incredibly simple! I will also discuss a few pointers that can increase your visibility and perhaps even go viral.

Come along.

How to acquire views on TikTok

The majority of websites offer the same, extremely simple technique of purchasing TikTok views; the only differences are in the appearance and placement of the buttons. Purchasing TikTok views will typically involve the following:

  • Should you like to make a purchase, first visit the company’s website. Examine its techniques, how it provides its services, and the quality of the hits with great attention.
  • Second, you ought to get as knowledgeable as possible regarding the several offers made by the business. The best one for you should be selected. Though you can usually purchase thousands of hits, be sure the delivery is secure.
  • Thirdly, your login and other details are required to place an order.
  • To complete the order, you will lastly complete the checkout process by entering your credit card information. After this, you will either wait for your organic growing service to start or for your box to arrive within the specified window of time.

Get TikTok Views for Cash

All there is to it is that! Always read customer reviews to learn what other people think of these companies. Just safe and excellently performing businesses are on our list.

Getting decent TikTok views for your films when you purchase TikTok views

Lastly, you can take some actions to increase your own organic TikTok views and perhaps even become well-known. Some believe that all one needs to do is purchase TikTok fans or learn where to purchase TikTok views and likes. They consider that nothing more has to be done.

Be not such person. Should you determine that nothing else has to be done, your page will not advance or require any effort in the long run. You must maintain working on your platform activities, content strategy, and studies.

Though you can purchase TikTok views, there are other ways you can increase views and perhaps become well-known very fast:

  • Know what’s hot: Your video will receive many more views if you know what’s hot right now. You have to stay up to date and create films that people want to see because this app largely covers current trendy themes. Your movie will be seen by a lot more people as a result.
  • Add Your Own Flavor: You must create material that deviates from the mainstream if you want your film to be memorable and captivating. For what reason should someone watch your video over another? There are many of chores on TikTok as well. Though these can increase the number of views on your videos, you need ensure that something unique about you stands out.
  • Organize your own challenge to add interest to the TikTok community: And this will invite interaction with you, which will increase the visibility of your page and increase the number of people viewing your original movies. This might be a route to popularity for your account!
  • Determine your audience: and the kinds of stuff they enjoy. You ought to also know what kinds of stuff they find entertaining and helpful. Try to be hilarious, instruct, or ask people questions! Provoke responses and conversation from others. Increasing views and likes on TikTok is made easy with this.
  • Don’t overlook to utilize hashtags: They ought to be on your page if you want more people to view your video.

Practically everyone uses social media extensively these days. Companies, influencers, producers, and other groups are scurrying to join one of the most popular social media platforms right now in order to do this.

TikTok is unique from Facebook and Instagram in that it allows users to engage with their target audience directly through short films and smart entertainment.

It seems a little less official and open than other social networking sites. It is thus an excellent platform for brands, companies, and artists to interact and establish a solid reputation.

Regardless of your level of experience with the app or desire to enhance your performance, having a large fan base is crucial if you want to be taken seriously on TikTok and receive more video views.

To obtain the proper kind of views, you should be picky about the businesses you buy from and the caliber of the TikTok views they provide. This article was created to assist you in selecting a firm that will improve, not degrade, your TikTok account.

Buying TikTok views allows you to obtain a wide range of views, including authentic, inexpensive, and even phony views.

genuine, rapid, quick, story, valid, drip feed, instantaneous, views from genuine users, views from other social media platforms, and views from real individuals are all available for as many TikTok views as you like.

Views can come from bots, influencers, friends who will provide you actual TikTok views, the Explore page where you can purchase TikTok views, random folks, or your own TikTok account.

When you purchase TikTok views on this app or on other social media platforms, or when you purchase TikTok services or social media services for your TikTok page or username generally.

Instead of using fake accounts on this social media site, use real TikTok users and active users with real views. Each TikTok view can help your business grow on social media by promoting your business with high-quality services and social media accounts with active views and active accounts.

Last Words on the Best Place to Buy TikTok Views

You should now have a good idea of which companies offer the best deals on cheap TikTok views. It’s a good way to get more people to watch your videos—when they see a lot of them, they want to see what all the fuss is about.

You can get more views quickly by buying them. You’ll get much better results if you work hard and write great material. Have fun!