What Do These Numbers Mean in the Snapchat Planets Guide 2024?

What Do These Numbers Mean in the Snapchat Planets Guide 2024?

Snapchat is probably one of the most famous social networks. Its unique features and the fact that it’s not part of Meta help to make this possible. To keep things interesting, the business also adds new features to the Snapchat Plus subscription all the time. In line with the current trend, users can now see a solar system of planets that represent the bonds they have with other people. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Snapchat Planets and what they mean.

The stars in your Snapchat galaxy

To get a better idea of what the feature does, think of it as your own personal solar system, with you as the sun. Like the solar system, your best friends are shown by planets that orbit around each other. Each planet represents a different friend, and how close it is to you shows how close you are with that friend.

There are eight planets in the Snapchat solar system, and each one represents a different friend ranked by how much you connect with them. The following planets are in our solar system:

  1. Mercury: which is shown by several red hearts and a planet that looks like a heart, is your best friend on the app.
    A picture of the planet Mercury in Snapchat

    2. Venus is your second-best friend. A yellow planet and hearts in pink, yellow, and blue show that Venus is there.
    A picture of the planet Venus in Snapchat


    3. Earth: The moon and a few red stars show that this is your third-best friend.
    A Snapchat picture of Earth


    4. Mars:
    A red planet and a bunch of hearts show that this person is your fourth-best friend on the app.
    A picture of the planet Mars in Snapchat


    5. Jupiter is an orange planet with hints of red and stars that stands for your fifth best friend.
    A picture of Jupiter


    6. Saturn is the orange planet with rings and several stars that stands for your sixth-best friend.
    A picture of Saturn


    7. Uranus is a sea-green planet that stands for your seventh best friend.


    8. Neptune: A blue planet stands for your eighth best friend.
    A Snapchat picture of Neptune


    How do I get into my solar system?

    It’s important to know that your Snapchat solar system is unique to your username. This means that only you can see who your best friends are. If you and your friend both have each other on your lists of best friends, you’ll see a “Best Friends” badge. If they only have you on their list of best friends, you’ll only see a “Friends” badge. To get to this:

      1. Start up Snapchat.
      2. Go to the page of your friend.
      3. To see how close you are, click on the “Best Friends” tag.
      Snapchat solar system
      Snapchat solar system