Here are seven very useful websites that will keep you up to date on the latest AI news (2024 Update!)

Here are seven very useful websites that will keep you up to date on the latest AI news (2024 Update!)

AI is getting smarter very quickly and is becoming more and more a part of our everyday lives. Everyone interested in AI, from professionals and researchers to fans, needs to keep up with the latest news and changes in the field.

Thankfully, there are a number of websites that cover all the latest AI trends in detail. We will look at some of the best sites to stay up to date in this piece.

1. News AI

AI News

Isn’t it all in the name?AI News is a great website for staying up to date on the newest AI news and advancements.The website offers daily news updates, expert analysis, and in-depth articles on a variety of AI-related topics, such as robots, machine learning, natural language processing, and more.

AI News also provides webinars, podcasts, and white papers among other items to keep readers updated on the latest advances and research in AI.

See the newest AI News items here.

First Asian office of OpenAI will be located in Tokyo.
South Africa and the United Kingdom will co-host the AI Seoul Summit.
The United States and Japan want to work on several AI and technology projects.
OpenAI has made the GPT-4 Turbo with Vision API available to anyone.
AI is stable, with a market value of $12 billion.A stable LM-2 variation with the updated 1.6B version

2. Business AI

Business AI

Through this website, AI Business links and educates the worldwide AI community. Giving clients access to current industry developments coupled with the views, studies, and trends of AI specialists is its primary goal. This advances use of artificial intelligence and enhances personal judgment.

Their content avoids hype and jargon, instead focusing on how AI may be used in real life. They provide a newsletter, a podcast, webinars, events, and studies, among other things, all to help firms adopt and flourish using AI technologies.

Informa Tech’s Applied Intelligence Group includes AI Business. They use resources like The AI Summit Series and Applied Intelligence Live!, as well as market research from Omdia, their own research company.

3. VentureBeat


VentureBeat is another website that covers AI news that covers all the latest AI trends and developments. The site has writings on a variety of topics, including robots, machine learning, virtual reality, and more.

VentureBeat also hosts a variety of events throughout the year, such as the Transform AI conference, where thought leaders and experts in the industry gather to discuss the latest advancements in AI.

Current news from VentureBeat.

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4. MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review

The AI section of the MIT Technology Review covers recent advances in machine learning, intelligent action, and reasoning.

Other topics covered include the top technology of the year, key AI news, and appraisals of significant technical failures.

MIT distributes knowledge and thoughts about how developing technologies affect various aspects of technology, society, and business. To understand more in depth about these issues, visit their website here.

The newest AI pieces from MIT Technology Review are:

AI was meant to make body cameras better for cops. What took place?
Save Louisiana from sinking and the promise of heat batteries in the download
What heated batteries are doing to heat up energy storage
How to keep a state from going down
The Download: a tale of brainwashing and the United States’ plans to make chips

5. Science Daily

Science Daily

Artificial intelligence is covered extensively in Science Daily, including current developments, applications of AI in many domains, impacts on society and ethics, interactions with other developing technologies, institutional research, and norms and regulations.

It is helpful to keep up with the latest developments, uses, and arguments in the ever-changing field of AI by visiting this website.

The newest thing from Science Daily is here:

The Holodeck from Star Trek was recreated using ChatGPT and video game elements.
A faster and better way to stop an AI robot from responding badly
Engineers make “skeletons” for robots that are driven by muscles that are soft and bendy.
New robotic cameras that protect privacy hide pictures so that people can’t tell what they are.
Identification of gas and odor has come a long way thanks to biomimetic sensory chips

6. Wired


Widely respected technology publication Wired covers a broad spectrum of artificial intelligence (AI) subjects. Their AI news covers important breakthroughs in AI research, practical uses in many industries, moral dilemmas and legal discussions, the application of AI in technology and business, expert opinion, and the social impacts of AI.

Wired has a great article that talks about all the latest developments, uses, problems, and effects on society in the area of artificial intelligence.

Here is the most recent AI news from Wired:

Silicon Valley is crazy about Airchat right now.
Truth Social says that Donald Trump is a unique threat to them.
It seems that fake video of Iran’s attack on Israel is going viral.
The 11 best strollers for almost every need and budget (2024)
These are the 13 best gaming mice and mousepads of 2024. They are wired, wireless, and below $50.

7. Forbes AI

Forbes AI

Every piece of the most recent AI news and breakthroughs is covered in detail in Forbes AI’s own area on the Forbes website. The website has pieces on a range of subjects, such as machine learning, robotics, and natural language processing.

Forbes AI also has talks with leaders and experts in the field that give readers information about the newest developments in AI.

Some of the newest stories are shown below:

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It’s important to keep up with developments and trends in artificial intelligence whether you work in the area or are just interested in it.

These websites give experts, academics, and fans thorough coverage of the most recent developments and news in AI.

These are possible questions you are asking yourself right now.

Currently, which AI is the most developed?

Right now, the most sophisticated AI varies according on the application. In general, particularly sophisticated AI models are believed to be DeepMind’s AlphaFold for folding proteins and GPT-3 (and its descendants) for interpreting plain language.These models demonstrate significant progress in our understanding and prediction of intricate processes.

Is anything new in AI?

Improved language models, quantum computing, AI ethics, and AI applications in healthcare are some of the most recent developments. Attention is being paid to both energy efficiency and weaknesses in AI systems.

Is artificial intelligence going to replace jobs by 2025?

Many industries will lose jobs by 2025 as AI most certainly automates a portion of the work. Still, technology will open up new opportunities, particularly in fields like data analysis and the creation of artificial intelligence that demand for human ingenuity and sensitivity.

What does GPT mean?

That’s GPT, or “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” for short. A deep learning language model produces text that appears to be human-written.

Whose ChatGPT is this, please?

ChatGPT was developed by the artificial intelligence research and application company OpenAI.Ownership and ownership of ChatGPT and related technologies remain with OpenAI.

Is AI deficient somewhere?

Even outside artificial intelligence, many professions require a high level of emotional intelligence, intellect, creativity, and fine motor abilities.This includes experts who require precise workmanship, such as therapists, artists, and medical personnel.

Which applications of AI will be relevant in 2050?

AI will undoubtedly be fully included into business and daily life by 2050. Healthcare, environmental management, specialized education, and many other sectors may all be totally changed by this.It can simultaneously increase human performance and intelligence and significantly progress the solution of complex global issues.

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